I know I have posted this before, but it was in the middle of another post. I thought it would be nice for the mix to have it’s own post.

How my dry mix recipes work: I will give you the recipe for a batch of dry mix, and a recipe for how to use that mix. I will also list any other suggestions that go along with the mix. Feel free to cut and paste the info to make your own labels for your dry mixes. However, if you want to share on the internet, please be honest and link back to my recipe, do not cut and paste the recipe onto your page. I developed these recipes myself, and would appreciate the credit for that. Thank you.

Banana Bread
or Muffins




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    • I have never tried, it is in pretty much any grocery store, usually by the oats. I think you could just replace it with wheat flour, but I do really like the taste of wheat germ, so it might not be as good without it.

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