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I did it again

Once again I have teamed up with the amazing Craft Hope! The new web page is still under construction, but the Facebook page is running smoothly. So hop on over to the Craft Hope Facebook page and give them a “like.” Then check out Project 19 :: Dolls, Animals, and Monsters. Oh My! Share it with anyone you know who may be able to make handmade softies for kids who lost so much from Sandy. There are two people collecting for this project, the lovely Katrina up in NH, and yours truly.


I am working on a tutorial for you all for

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Getting my Ducks in a Row

I really need to take a cue from my daughters.


I am working on the duck~row~thing. I just also have the short~attention~span~girl thing. And the busy~mommy thing. And the so~many~things~so~little~time thing…

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Just monkeying around

Lots of monkeying around here lately. We are working on sock monkeys for the current Craft Hope project. These little guys will be going to children who lost their homes in the Texas wildfires.


Our contribution started out with these 4 cute little girls.

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Weekend Happiness

It was a *very hot* nice weekend. Lots of fun inside time, due to the heat. So I thought I would share a bit of it with you.


The girls decided the bunnies needed to have a picnic.

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Catching up ~ Zoo Day

In mid-May Jenn had a wonderful idea to take the girls on a great little outing for one of our Wednesday Play/Craft Days.


We got all dolled up and the girls put on their shoes. Look at those cute little pink toenails! One day they noticed mine and just begged for pretty pink toes, too. So now we have fun mommy and girls mani/pedi days about once a week. They love it. I love the hair drier with the cool setting I use to dry them so they don’t get nail polish on everything!

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My first amigurumi!!!


Aren’t they just the cutest little batties you have ever seen? I made them for the girls. They hold the bats by the wings, pull and giggle. Good thing I sewed the wings on tight!

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