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Middle School beginnings and more to come – Selfie Sunday

Middle school beginnings can be so rough, but I am super happy to say the twins are handling it like champs! They have great friends and great attitudes. We’ve had some bumps that are typical at their age, but we are working through them. Every night ends with “I love you”, and every morning starts with “good morning.” So I call that a win.

Middle School Beginnings - Selfie Sunday

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DMC Kits & Supplies for embroidery and cross stitch now available from LoveCrafts!

DMC kits make awesome gifts, travel crafts, teaching aids, and more. Now you can get them from This means you can get your DMC craftie goodies along with your yarnie goodies, and you can get them pretty much anywhere in the world! How awesome is that?!

Stick around to the end of this post for a bonus tutorial and a giveaway that ends 12/12/19.

DMC Kits & Supplies now available from Love Craft

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Vintage Style Crochet Afghan – Dancing Mushroom Blanket

Vintage style crochet patterns just make me happy. I designed this Dancing Mushroom chart years ago, and I finally found the perfect yarn to turn it into a sweet little blanket. The center image panel is surrounded by a thick border in several different stitch patterns which add to the style of this family heirloom to-be.

Vintage Style Crochet Afghan - Dancing Mushroom Blanket Pattern by Jessie At Home
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Chunky Chevron Fast Knit Baby Blanket

This chunky chevron fast knit baby blanket is so much fun with its over-sized flair. The giant chevrons will fly off your needles in this 2 row repeat pattern. Once you master this, you can chevron everything! Knit on large needles with jumbo yarn, you can finish this blanket in no time at all.

Chunky Chevron Fast Knit Baby Blanket - knit pattern by Jessie At Home
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