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How to make a bag out of 3 Granny Squares

I seem to have a surplus of Granny Squares hanging about my work room. I’m not really sure where they all come from. So, I have started turning them into bags of various sizes and styles. They make great gifts! Especially the little ones turned into little bags for kiddos.

How to make a bag out of granny squares

I was recently asked to review a book of Granny Squares, so I thought I would take the opportunity to show you one method I use to turn some Grannies into bags.

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Farmers Market Hexagon Bag AKA The Grand Old Flag Bag

The town farmers market is finally open for the season! I LOVE going to the farmers market, and I love using re~usable bags. For years I have been using the tote bags you can buy at the grocers, but this year I am making a market bag! This market bag has a hexagon base, a mesh side, and a long shoulder strap on top! I have chosen the super simple chain and slip st mesh for the side because it works so well for market bags, and I like the look. On our first outing to the market with the bag this morning, my daughter Vada dubbed it the “Grand Old Flag Bag.”


There are so many things I should be doing today. I think I will make a new pattern instead.

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Snack Bag for school, free knit pattern!

So I wanted a fun snack bag for the girls to use in kindergarten. It seemed like a good excuse to make a new pattern. The snack bag came out adorable, and I felt the need to share it for free with all of blogland! So here you go, my friends.

Snack Bag free knit pattern by Jessie At Home
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