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Fondant 101 for Anyone -or- Our Fun Girls Day!

This past weekend the girls and I invited over a friend and decorated a cake with some Satin Ice fondant. We had so much fun and have some basic fondant tips to share with you.

Fondant 101 for Anyone by Jessie At Home

The fondant used in this post was provided by Satin Ice. All opinions are my own.

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2014 Wrap up

I know I have been lax in sharing snaps and stories of the family lately. I haven’t even been sharing WiPs lately. I will get back to all that.

I have been working on find some organization in my life. I finally have found a way that works for me to keep on top of this crazy little blog. Slowly but surely I have been working towards that end. Somehow, the personal posts seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Just as I was realizing how long it had been, this happened.

If I am recieving an award for best personal life posts on a crochet blog, maybe I should be sure to keep posting them, right? Not to mention my family may be a bit upset with me if I don’t share some stories of the twins, like, now.

So let me just tell you that a schedule is happening, and updates to the blog are happening as well. I would love for it all to be complete by the end of February. For now, the schedule is:

Monday: Crochet or Knit ALong (CAL, KAL)
Tuesday: alternating between a free knit pattern and a Stitchopedia post
Wednesday: evening round up
Thursday: free crochet pattern
Friday or Saturday (or Sunday…): one or two posts about the family and/or WiPs and such
Sunday: evening link blast

I reserve the right to lose my mind and change it all.

For now, here are nearly 40 photos of the last 6 or so weeks of 2014, and a little bit of text to tell you what they are all about.

Sometime Kyla needs to dress up.

Wonder Kyla

I know I told you a little about our Thanksgiving trip in my last family post, but here are a few pictures I missed sharing. I taught the girls to crochet while we were there. They just learned the chain st, but they had fun with it.

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So Busy!!

My, I have been busy. I took a few days off of Kyla’s room reno to work on some secret designs (designs I have sold and can’t share with you until they are published.)

There is still quite a bit to do in Kyla’s room, and I hope to be done soon. I really need to buckle down and finish it, because we are having over night guests on Wednesday night, and we will need all the sleeping space we can get!

Speaking of guests, we had several friends over today. One couple brought this awesome pan of brownies:


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