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Stick Weaving Tutorial – a fun and useful medieval craft

This stick weaving tutorial will show you how to make a pouch as your first project. Stick weaving makes thin strips of woven fabric. These thin strips can then be used as is, or even joined side by side to make them wider. The sticks for stick weaving can be of various thicknesses, most often about ¼ to ½ inch. One end of the stick is tapered to a dull point. The other end has a hole through it. Stick weaving is done over 2 or more sticks usually held in the hand. The result is a strip of woven fabric.

Stick Weaving Tutorial by Jessie at Home - Pin 1

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Free Craft Tutorials and Where To Buy Craft Supplies Online

Here are some awesome free craft tutorials to fill your time, help you de-stress, and keep the kids entertained. Plus, some places you can order craft supplies online and have them delivered to your door, and even a mystery crafty giveaway! This post will not include knit and crochet items, as those were part of a post a few week ago that you can find HERE.

Free Craft Tutorials and where to buy craft supplies online Jessie At Home - Pin 1

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DIY Medieval Banner Kids Craft – great for a party activity!

DIY medieval banners make a fun craft for a themed party, a rainy day, or a medieval reenactment event. Kids and adults alike will have a great time making banners and they can choose their colors so no two banners are alike. Cricut Design Space makes it easy to change the central images as well.

DIY Medieval Banner Cricut tutorial from Jessie At Home

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Circle Pouch – free knit pattern modern or medieval!

I’ve wanted to design and make a knit circle pouch for quite some time, but the right yarn never came along. I wanted something that would work when I went to Medieval reenactment events with my knight in shining armor, aka my husband Doug, so I needed a yarn that looked like it fit into the time period, but also a yarn that I liked and that would hold up to the stress of being a belt bag. I found that yarn with Kraemer Belfast Linen Blend yarn!

Circle Pouch free knit pattern by Jessie At Home
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Louise guessed it!

The subject of my last two posts, that is. This is only the fourth basket I have made, all of them have been similar to this one, but this is the first that actually ended up the shape I intended. The others have round or rectangular bottoms, and oval tops.

*~* I have listed this under my tutorials, but it is really not a step-by-step for beginners type of tutorial. It is more of a visual aid and reminders for someone who has the base knowledge and is just looking for a bit of a nudge along. *~*


The boxes were full of reeds and other basketry supplies. All from a wonderful shop in Pennsylvania.

After a bit of a soak in the tub, I transferred some of the reed to a bin in the living room, next to my towel-covered coffee table. Not really sure why I tossed the handle in there, it doesn’t get shaped. There isn’t always a good reason for many of the things I do…

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