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Contest entries

Every other month I receive my issue of Creative Home Arts magazine, full of fun crafty ideas. Lots o’ the ideas within come from the readers. Every issue they announce a contest with prizes ranging from $25 to $750. They also show the winners from 2 issues prior. With this issue there was a last call for a card making contest, and the announcement of a needle arts contest. You can use something you already made; it does not have to be made just for the contest. To enter you just send in photos of the craft, and a short description. So I decided to enter both. I’m sharing the entries here with you.

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Some of my Christmas crafts

Back in November I had Doug grab a bin of mine from his mother’s attic. It was full of unfinished Christmas crafts. I pulled some of them out to make ornaments to give along with the many girt bags of banana bread and chai tea mix we had lined up for Christmas. There were a bunch of these little cross-stitch squares and those little round plastic music “boxes” to go with them. I seem to have lost the rest of the kits long ago.


I found some blue fabric and thought “mini pillows”. Not sure where that thought came from, but it did. So I sewed them together with a pretty gold loop on top and an opening in the bottom.

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Getting ready for the big round guy.

In an attempt to save some money, and satisfy my creative side, I have lots of homemade happenings for that day a week before the New Year; the day of the Big Round Guy. For now it is mostly jar gifts. This was my table a few weeks ago making 72 cups of banana bread mix.


Of course I didn’t have all the jars yet, so then I had to stash all that mix, and all the ingredients I had for other mixes, somewhere. Yeah for those new bookshelves!

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Finally DONE!! Craft Hope Quilt Reveal

That’s right, I finished the Craft Hope quilt last night. I have made a few quilts in the past, but I have never hand quilted one before. I grossly underestimated how long it would take! However, the quilts are due November 14th, so I am safe. Now I know, right.

Here is the quilt on Friday, I still had nearly half to do, see all the safety pins?


To make matters worse, I woke up on Saturday feeling very under the weather. Luckily quilting is not too strenuous an activity, so I was able to sit and quilt all day. I finally finished Sunday afternoon. Here it is.

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Craft Hope

Last week I ran across the Craft Hope. Jade is an amazing lady who finds various groups who need crafts made for good causes. You can read all about the current project, but the short version is: making quilts for homeless kids.


Remember how I told you I had bought some fabric on the way to Beth’s? I picked up a pack of 20 strips (2 1/2 x 42 inches) a pack of squares (5 inches square) and a few quarter yard (18 x 42 inches) pieces. I started at Beth’s, between teaching her and eating pizza. This is what I had when I got home.

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A very enjoyable weekend


Back in March I went to my friend Beth’s wedding shower and presented her with the presents seen above. They were both from her registry, a large self-watering planter, and a book “Sewing for Dummies”. Inside the book was a note saying she would also receive a day of sewing lessons from me. This is a decent gift, as I used to run a university costume department and teach sewing and pattern making.

It took a while to come up with a time we were both able to spend the day together.

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