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Chain Necklace – free crochet pattern

About a week ago I was looking through the fashion trends for spring and noticed a lot of “statement” necklaces. Several of them were the type with a large chain around the top half, and then several small chains around the bottom half. They inspired me to create this uber~fun crochet necklace!

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Bath Mitt – Spa Set

Another addition to the Spa Set. Here is a free bath mitt pattern for you!

This is great for scrubbing up the kiddies, or for pampering yourself. I have made two sizes, a small because I like my bath mitts to fit snugly, and a medium because I know a lot of people like the mitts to be looser. The pattern can be made with a thumb or with just a thumb hole, and with or without a ribbed bottom.

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Textured cotton washcloth ~ Spa Set

These cotton crocheted washcloths are become more and more popular. If you have ever used one you know why. They are so soft and so scrubby all at the same time. It really is a spa experience  They are a great way to pamper yourself or make some and give them to pamper someone you know could use a little TLC.

I tried a variety of stitches, and here is the one that I liked the most. It works up very quickly, and without taking up too much yarn.


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