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My WiPs.

Quite a few WiPs here. Some that are just about to start, and others that have already begun. As you may have noticed, I finally posted the reveal of the Flower to Hexagon Granny Blanket last night! So that one is done.

I’ll start off with two WiPs that are about to be ~ so maybe they’re not “in progress” yet, but they will be soon. With the holidays and then the cord issues with my computer, I got very far behind in the blogs I enjoy reading. I missed the announcement of the next Craft Hope project. Luckily it is not due until Valentine’s day, and it should be a rather fast project. It is a beautiful red scarf for foster care teens. This project is much more specific then the others, but it looks like fun to me, and it’s for a good cause, so I’m fine with that! I am watching Jenn’s girls this morning, and Jenn works at ACMoore, so I gave her some cash and

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Some of my Christmas crafts

Back in November I had Doug grab a bin of mine from his mother’s attic. It was full of unfinished Christmas crafts. I pulled some of them out to make ornaments to give along with the many girt bags of banana bread and chai tea mix we had lined up for Christmas. There were a bunch of these little cross-stitch squares and those little round plastic music “boxes” to go with them. I seem to have lost the rest of the kits long ago.


I found some blue fabric and thought “mini pillows”. Not sure where that thought came from, but it did. So I sewed them together with a pretty gold loop on top and an opening in the bottom.

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Getting ready for the big round guy.

In an attempt to save some money, and satisfy my creative side, I have lots of homemade happenings for that day a week before the New Year; the day of the Big Round Guy. For now it is mostly jar gifts. This was my table a few weeks ago making 72 cups of banana bread mix.


Of course I didn’t have all the jars yet, so then I had to stash all that mix, and all the ingredients I had for other mixes, somewhere. Yeah for those new bookshelves!

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The Little Things

I feel the need to celebrate the *good* little things in life right now. Sometimes the *not so good* little things pile up and become overwhelming. When I look at the world through the eyes of my 2 1/2 year old girls, it is a beautiful and happy place. So here are a few of their little things, and a few of mine.

The girls love to play with pillows and cushions. Look at the immense amount of fun they are having with the cushion from the top of the toy box. Sorry about the funky glare in Vada’s eyes, the red eye tool doesn’t get rid of that.


Mmm… my girls just adore brushing their teeth. First Mommy brushes for them, then they get to have a go. Sometimes they even ask to brush at random times during the day.

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Quilt update, random bits, and a very late bookshelf reveal.


I thought you might like to see my progress on my Craft Hope quilt. As you can see, I got a little crazy and decided to hand quilt it. It is not as far along as the picture would lead you to believe, I just folded it so the done part was on top. It may be the end of next week, not this week, when it goes out. The due date is Nov. 14th, so I will still be plenty early. Here’s a few more snaps.

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