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In the MKNG – a creative festival coming this fall

This fall there will be a spectacular creative festival in Bethel Woods, NY. In the MKNG a creative festival coming this fall celebrates creativity, imagination, and inspiration at the same site of the historic Woodstock celebration  this Sept 29 & 30. You can find out more about this creative festival on the In The MKNG website, HERE.

In the MKNG a creative festival Fall 2018

In the MKNG a creative festival, will include

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Do you wanna know a secret?

Shh…I have some advanced notice for you. Isn’t it nice to have a friend in the know?

Do you need to stock up on your LYS (Local Yarn Store) yarn, but you don’t have a good LYS? Or maybe there is a yarn you’ve been wanting to try but you don’t want to pay shipping for just a skein or two of yarn. Craft store yarns are great, I certainly use them a lot, but there are plenty of awesome yarns that can only be found at an LYS. Now, not everyone is lucky enough to have an LYS that is actually local, and that’s where FiberWild.com comes in.

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NYC Yarn Crawl 2016 – or, we came, we crawled, we got Starbucks.

This past Sunday I went on the NYC Yarn Crawl with my awesome friends Marie of Underground Crafter and Amy of The Stitchin’ Mommy. We weren’t able to hit all the stores on the crawl, as we just had one day, but we had a great time at the stores we did hit.

Our first store was School Products Yarn. I didn’t snap any photos at that store,  but I got some at the rest.

Our second stop was Annie & Company.


We really enjoyed this store. It was pretty big, and full of some of the most scrumptious yarn!! Plus, they had a bunch of fun buttons!!

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I Love Yarn Day!!

Did you know I Love Yarn Day is Saturday, October 15th? I plan on being at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival to celebrate, what are you planning? The Craft Yarn Council is celebrating for the entire month leading up to the day with a series of 6 bloggers and FREE patterns from each. The theme is Stitch It Forward (teach someone to knit or crochet), so the patterns are all easy enough to be used as a first project for someone you are teaching.


You can find the main page for the CYC celebrations HERE. You can find the bloggers and links to the free patterns they have created HERE. Hey, wait a minute; I recognize most of those people! And look, the last one is…me!!

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