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Spring Breaks 2015 – more then one and lots of fun

That’s right. Spring breakS. Pural. Last week the girls were on spring break, and the week before it was Doug. It’s such a bummer that they do not have the same spring break. But we make the most of it. Doug took 3 days during his spring break off of his second job (tutor for Huntington Learning Center) so he would have more time with the girls. They loved when he would pick them up from school and then be home the rest of the day.

Spring Breaks 2015 - more then one and lots of fun - Jessie At Home - Pin 1

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Candy the Elf Hat

The candy cane colored spirals on this fun elf hat will bring a smile to your face. Available in toddler to adult sizes, this pattern is fun and whimsical! By using Red Heart Super Saver with a smaller hook the hat is stiff enough that it stands tall. Show off your holiday spirit and whip one of these up for your next Christmas party.

Candy the Elf Hat Free Crochet Pattern by Jessie At Home
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The Best Laid Plans ~ or ~ When does school start again?

So I had these grand plans for the week. I was going to run to AC Moore this morning to grab some yarn for the process photos that I am adding to the Fall Leaves wrap, along with a 2 color leaf option (this means I will be making another wrap to show the 2 color option, made in yarn that can be bought from most craft stores.) Then I was going to make a Stitchopedia video for the linen stitch and get that up today. That way by the end of the week I could have the pattern for the Baker’s Tee up for you. That pattern will be free here on this blog, and I wanted the linen stitch Stitchopedia post done first as the Baker’s Tee is made with the linen st. Then there were other videos and patterns to be worked on over the week, along with getting more posts up. Oh the plans.

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So Busy!!

My, I have been busy. I took a few days off of Kyla’s room reno to work on some secret designs (designs I have sold and can’t share with you until they are published.)

There is still quite a bit to do in Kyla’s room, and I hope to be done soon. I really need to buckle down and finish it, because we are having over night guests on Wednesday night, and we will need all the sleeping space we can get!

Speaking of guests, we had several friends over today. One couple brought this awesome pan of brownies:


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Lion Brand Studio Trip and Other Fun Times!

It’s odd, I’ve lived here, in northern New Jersey just outside of the Lincoln Tunnel, for about eight years; yet until Sunday I have never taken public transit into the City. That’s not to say I haven’t gone into Manhattan, I’ve just always driven in. Before I lived here I lived in Queens, and I took the train of the subway into the City all the time. Yet for some reason, even though it’s quicker to take public transit into the City from here and then it was where I lived in Queens, I just never really went.

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