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Astronomy Fluxx – so much outer space family fun & even some education!

Astronomy Fluxx is quickly becoming a favorite here At Home. Our budding astronaut, Vada, wants to play it all the time and it’s so fun that I almost always say yes. We’ve been having a blast playing, and we have all learned some interesting facts and dates from this game. Considering we are a family of outer space nerds, that’s saying a lot!

Astronomy Fluxx - outer space, family fun & even some education! - game review from Jessie At Home

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Games for Kids With Dyslexia That Everyone Will Love!

It’s hard finding games for kids with dyslexia that don’t feel like they’re games for KIDS with DYSLEXIA. Looney Labs has solved that with games everyone can enjoy that also happen to be awesome for kids with dyslexia. These games will create awesome times with awesome people!

Family games for kids with dyslexia and everyone else - Jessie At Home

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