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Turkish Lif Scrubby – a fun stitch for cleaning away!

Use the Turkish Lif Scrubby to bring some style to and clean up your kitchen. The Turkish lif stitch is fun to make and easy to learn with all the step by step photos provided with this pattern. Try using a variegated or color changing yarn such as the Cascade Yarns Paradigm Shift used in my samples. You can also change colors to create a few rounds of different colors to match your decor or even to show team spirit. Just have fun, isn’t that what crafting is all about?

Turkish Lif Scrubby crochet pattern by Jessie At Home - Pin 1
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Crochet Spa Towel Set – Spearmint Hand & Face Towels – pamper yourself!

This crochet spa towel set will make you feel like you’re in a your own personal spa. The Spearmint Hand and Face Towels also make great gifts. You can change up the colors to fit your decor, and even make the hand towel in your team colors and toss it in your sports bag. The combination of the linen stitch and the cotton yarn make these towels soft and comfortable to use.

Crochet Spa Towel Set - Spearmint Hand and Face Towels free crochet pattern round up from Jessie At Home
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Broken Rib Crochet Washcloth – Part of the 2019 CAL Central Washcloth CAL

The Broken Rib Crochet Washcloth was inspired by my love for the broken rib knit stitch. I figured out how to get a similar look in crochet and it makes me so happy! This washcloth has great texture so it feels great and looks pretty as well. Pamper yourself while adding some lovely style to your home spa supplies. This pattern is listed as intermediate, however that is only because post stitches are considered intermediate. If you can make post stitches, then this should be an easy pattern for you.

Broken Rib Crochet Washcloth - crochet patter by Jessie At Home
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Hexagon Trivet – protect your table in a pretty way!

I’m a fan of trivets. They keep my table safe and make me feel all grown up. You know, “I’m so awesome at adulting, I have pretty trivets for my hot homemade food!” With the Hexagon Trivet, you can use a variegated color, a solid color, or even a variety of solid colors. You could make it look like a flower! If you use a wool or cotton yarn you could even make potholders.

Please note: If made with the suggested yarn these will work as trivets, but are not suggested for use near fire.

Hexagon Trivet free knit pattern by Jessie At Home
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Seed Stitch Entrelac Washcloth – a perfect pampering present!

Wash cloths are a great way to learn a new stitch. Make this seed stitch entrelac washcloth in colors to match your decor or your mood! This free knit pattern makes great gifts for just about any occasion. Add some artisan bath products and a few candles for a perfect pampering present. Who doesn’t love a spa day?!

Seed Stitch Entrelac Washcloth free knit pattern by Jessie At Home
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