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Hexagon Trivet – protect your table in a pretty way!

I’m a fan of trivets. They keep my table safe and make me feel all grown up. You know, “I’m so awesome at adulting, I have pretty trivets for my hot homemade food!” With the Hexagon Trivet, you can use a variegated color, a solid color, or even a variety of solid colors. You could make it look like a flower! If you use a wool or cotton yarn you could even make potholders. Please note: If made with the … Read more

Star Coaster

This star coaster is made using the entrelac method of knitting. No worries if you have not made entrelac before, though! The pattern is written and also includes a video of the full pattern. These neat little stars can also be used to make bunting, or even as appliques. Have fun with them!!

150418 Stitchopedia ~ Entrelac Star Coaster pattern with video by Jessie At Home
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Two Ways Drink Cozy

Drink cozies are awesome in the summer! They catch the condensation, keep you from freezing your hand on your cold drink, keep your drink cold, and act as a traveling coaster for your gatherings. These knit can or bottle cozies can also be made in a variety of colors or stripes so that no one wonders who’s drink is who’s. This is a double pattern, one worked in garter stitch, and one in stockinette stitch. The Two Ways Drink Cozy pattern is part of my Patriotic Party KAL.

Two Ways Drink Cozy ~ Free Knit Pattern by Jessie At Home
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Evens and Odds Knit Mitered Coasters

Evens and Odds Mitered Coaster ~ Free Knit Pattern by Jessie At Home

Evens and Odds Mitered Coasters
Free Knit Pattern
Easy Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot

While playing around with mitered squares to make coasters, I realized they could be made with an even or odd number of stitches, depending on how the decreases are made. So, rather than making that choice for you, I thought I would write a double pattern for you today. One mitered square coaster that starts with an even number of stitches and uses two decreases in the center, and one mitered square coaster that starts with an odd number of stitches and uses a double decrease in the center. Of course, there are still many more ways to make a mitered square, these are just my current favorites for evens and odds.

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Patriotic Placemat

This Patriotic Placemat is actually quite simple to make, with a dramatic look. What a great way to dress up your picnics!

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