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Just dropping in to give you a quick peek at what I’ve been up to as of late.


I made these arm warmers many moons ago, but they kept slipping down. The top ribbing was only about 1/2″, just not long enough. So I undid the top 4″ of knitting, and redid it all in a k2 p2 rib. Much better, not more slipping. I have a feeling they will get much more use this fall and winter now that they stay up!

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So  back on Father’s Day, we got the girls a pet. A little Anole lizard (also known as a baby dragon).


The girls named her Princess. They love her very much!

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Mother’s Day!

We had a very nice Mother’s day. It started out as any Sunday, cleaning and shopping.

Then I was off to play with the Yarrrn Club at InsaniTea!! I worked on cross stitch, as it is something I can do left handed.

At 4pm, when the fiber fun was over, Doug and the girls showed up. We had a little tea party. The Yummy Berry tea that Ingred served up was, well, YUMMY!!!! I had to buy some to bring home. The girls played the little bongo drums and a guitar and danced around between cups. It was a lovely time.

Then the four of us walked around a bit. It was a gorgeous day! Eventually we stopped and had a wonderful outdoor dinner at Raymond’s. They have a wonderful menu with both vegetarian and meat dishes. I have to remember them next time I have veggie guests!

Finally we crossed the street and grabbed some dessert to go from Cupcakes Galore. Kyla got an Elmo cupcake, and Vada got Hello Kitty.

They are my girls, alright. The first thing they did was eat the eyes. Mmmm.


Yummy! Elmo eyeballs.

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O frabjous day!

Callooh! Callay!

It truly is a frabjous day, I have finally finished the octagon blanket!


I first told you about this crazy guy over a year ago. When I started him, there were so many other things I was working on, that he kind of ended up on the back burner. Life took hold and he spent most of the last year yearning for my attention. If you remember,the hexagon blanket was for Vada, and the octagon is Kyla’s. She was very happy to finally have her “banket” done.

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Plugging Away

That’s me. Just working on finishing various half done crafts around the place. I just ran around and took a few snaps to show you all in blogland what I’ve been up to lately.

Last week I broke my rule about no new projects aside from holiday gifts or Craft Hope until I finish all the partially finished projects. There was a good reason, though: I kept loosing pencils. So I took a paper towel roll, a page from a board book the girls had torn up (I always keep old board books that are not in good enough shape to pass on, they come in handy for crafts,) some scrapbook paper, and glue, and I created this little guy.


Rather nifty, isn’t he? And it really only took me the course of one program I was watching with the hubby.

Here we go, a project I had found in my closet.

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So much to do ~ So much to make.

So much to do! I made a list of everything I want to have done by the end of Doug’s Spring Break ~ which is the first week of April. I have a lot to do.

But first things first ~ this is what happens when I leave the girls home alone with Daddy…


That would be a chocolate covered peanut butter bar in her hand.

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