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I love my dragon!

So I’ve been wanting a dragon for a year. I asked for one for Christmas last year, but they’re kind of expensive.  I know you’re thinking, ” where do you buy a dragon?” It’s not that kind of a dragon. I’m talking about the talk to type computer program.  You know, the one they advertise on TV around this time of year.  Well, I found one really cheap on, so I bought it for myself.

We’re both still figuring each other out, so for the time being, it’s not that much quicker than typing;  however, I’m sure as we get to know each other, it will get faster.  It’s still tons of fun though!

Anyway, this past Sunday was the Yarrrn Club meeting at InsaniTea.  I brought along lots of sock monkeys who needed eyes and mouths. As soon as they were able to see, they fell in love with the giant InsaniTea sock monkey, and had to go sit with him. They were very sad to leave, but they are looking forward to their new homes in Texas.


On Monday morning the girls saw the new additions to our sock monkey family and had to start the quality control. Vada just had to see how many she could hug at once.

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Flower Faerie costume patterns

Well, I have been home alone all day and have finally finished adding all the patterns and tutorials for the girl’s flower faerie costumes. I am listing all the links here.


Bloom Hat~This was the first piece I made, Kyla’s hat!

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So much to do, so little time

Honestly, since I left the theater, I don’t think I’ve understood this phrase as much as I do right now. Somehow I have forgotten how many hours there are in a day and have just taken on a bit too much. I guess that is the downfall of finally having a handle on my MDD for the first time in quite a few years. Guess I will have to learn about restraint again. ;^) So much to do!

On top of the WiPs I had already going on, a few weeks ago my sister~in~law called to say there would be a baby show for our niece on the 9th (last weekend). That’s right, do the math, I’m going to be a great aunt. Our niece’s mother is Doug’s older sister from his father’s first marriage, so I don’t feel quite as old, but it is still a bit of an odd feeling. Then again, I have an uncle who is 5 months younger then me, so I guess I should just chill a bit.

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CraftHope, CAL, WiPs and other randomness

I’ve been been up to a lot o’ knitting and crocheting and other fun stuff lately. Here is a bit of everything, just a random selection of my life right now.

I’ve been getting some really great reviews about my Tea Cup Bunting pattern. It makes me happy. If you want the pattern you can buy it now; it’s only $4, and it is oh so fun and easy!


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What a month!

Much craziness since we last talked. Let’s see here, how about a basic run down?


First, Doug went off to Pennsic XL (that’s 40, not extra large). It was quite surreal to know that he was there, while I wasn’t; even more so each evening when he would call. However, considering everything we had planned with my Mother’s side of the family in the upcoming week, there was no sane or financially intelligent way for the rest of us to join him.

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Just dropping in to give you a quick peek at what I’ve been up to as of late.


I made these arm warmers many moons ago, but they kept slipping down. The top ribbing was only about 1/2″, just not long enough. So I undid the top 4″ of knitting, and redid it all in a k2 p2 rib. Much better, not more slipping. I have a feeling they will get much more use this fall and winter now that they stay up!

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