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Grandfather Mountain – a CD review

Gary Puckett provided the CD reviewed in this post, all opinions are those of Jessie Rayot.


Last week I received a package from my cousin, Gary Puckett; it was his new CD, Grandfather Mountain. Time and geography have distanced Gary and I, and we were thankfully reconnected recently through Facebook. When I was a teenager, I knew Gary was a skilled guitar player, he was one of my brother’s teachers. I eventually learned he was also a phenomenal banjo player. I only recently learned that he composes music as well!

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Box Car Races! and other fun

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend my friends!

When I trudged downstairs yesterday morning, this is what greeted me:


Kyla had swiped a Coats box I was planning on sending some stuff to a friend in, and the tubes from some Baker’s Cotton that I had used recently. She was having too much fun for me to be upset. I was planning on giving the tubes to the girls for crafts anyway!

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Star Wars in Concert

Last month Doug and I bought ourselves an early Christmas present ~ tickets to see Star Wars in Concert. It was really quite wonderful. We got there early and waited in a VERY large group of fans, anticipating the musical event. There were a lot of children accompanying their parents, many of whom were dressed in costume. It was very adorable. I wanted to get pictures of them, but didn’t want to freak out any parents, so I only got a picture of this one:


Eventually we were allowed in. The concert was taking place in the Izod Center ~ a stadium in the Meadowlands which is also where Giants Stadium is. When we entered we were in the outer ring around the stadium, where the concessions, souvenirs, restrooms and such are located. While walking around we saw one little girl I just had to have a picture of; isn’t she cute?

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All Together Now

1, 2, 3, 4, can I have a little more? 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, teeeeeen I love you! All together now…

Guess where we went today?


John Lennon!!! The exhibit was in Montclair. I love going to Montclair, it’s a great city, with awesome art and stores. So it was not surprising that they ended up with the exhibit.

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