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Pennsic 39 part 1

So here we have it, about a month late, the first post of our Pennsic 39 vacation. I was still working on bits and pieces of projects to the very last minute. Here we have the girls giving me a hand getting the floor pieces ready the day before we left.


They take after their Grandpa, little carpenters!

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Catching up ~ Gardening and Crafting!

Here are some old photos of the girls helping out neighbor garden, and making fun crafts. Lots of cuteness going on!

OK, this is about a month old, but too cute not to share. It was a morning when the weather was a bit too chilly to go for a walk, but we were in an “outing” kind of mood. So I packed up the girls and we drove over to AC Moore to find some fun $1 crafts. They each got two ~ more on those later.

When we got home, the weather was a bit nicer. Vera and Vincent, the lovely Italian couple who live next door, were in their back yard. The girls spotted them, so we HAD to go and visit. Vera was working on her flower gardens. The girls decided to help.

Once all the flowers were planted ~ at which point Mommy finally realized she had her camera with her and should start taking pictures ~ it was time for some watering. So Vada helped Vera fill the water.


Then it was time to water away!

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Sunday in the park with…well, not George.

OK, first I must apologize for my absentness of late. I’ve just been a bit off kilter lately. I am way behind on reading the blogs that I love, and have been a little neglectful of my blog, too. I *hope* I’m back now!

So, Sunday. Doug had seen some signs that there was to be a flea market/craft show in the park. We put the girls in the stroller and walked up the block to the park entrance.


We walked through the park and over one of the many cute little bridges.

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