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What a nice surprise!

On Friday evening, my mother-in-law came to take the girls for the weekend. Doug and I had plans to reorganize their room so it would be toddler safe, and to change the cribs to toddler beds. Also, there is a closet in their room that runs the length of one wall, about 12 feet, and has sliding doors. It has a shelf running across the top of the closet that can stack paper boxes 2 high. I wanted to reorganize that closet. Some things needed to come out of the closet and move into my bedroom, and visa versa.

Doug did have to work a bit on Saturday, so I chose to sleep in a bit, before all the craziness began. So there I was, lounging lazily in bed at about 9:20 on Saturday morning. I had been awake for a while, but was unable to bring myself to leave the comfort of the warm blankets.

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My projects.

I found the perfect yarn and made the perfect hexagon for my Fort Blanket project. Look at these pretty colors! After browsing around looking for patterns I saw a beautiful six petal flower that I knew would become the hexagon I was searching for. I took my hook in hand and experimented a bit. The finished hex was better than I had dreamed.


This is just a sneak peak of the hexes, there will be more crochet goodness later!

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Lookie what I found!!!

We had a nice long weekend. Doug was off today – no school. I took advantage of him being home and went out Saturday.
I was on a mission.

I had finally admitted that I do not play my keyboard often enough to justify it taking up valuable real estate in the bedroom. So it was gently packed up and put in the big ol’ closet in the girls’ room. Now I just needed to find some sort of storage/bookshelf/whatever to put in the keyboard’s old home. That way my sewing and craft supplies could finally make it out of the girls’ closet and into my bedroom.

Off to Target I went. They had some great, affordable bookshelves, but not affordable enough to buy them without further searching. Downhearted, I set off on my way home. Moments after pulling out of parking lot I came upon a garage sale, and saw this:

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