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Unicorn Fibre Yarn Wash & Rinse Review

Hello my friends! I hope you had a fun and safe Halloween weekend!

Today I want to talk to you a bit about Unicorn Fibre and their yarn care line of products. These products are great for blocking your crochet and knit items, as well as cleaning and general care. They also work for cleaning yarnie family heirlooms!


When I first met the lovely ladies of Unicorn Fibre at the TNNA summer show several months back, my original intention was to share about the Pour Scour with you. Pour Scour is their product that is great for your super dirty jobs. Maybe you have a yellowing baby blanket that has been handed down for generations, a handmade afghan that you inherited from a smoker, your baby sweater that smells like the attic it was stored in, or maybe you spilled your glass of wine or mug of tea or coffee on your current work in progress. Pour Scour is the product you need for these situations! Now, I was planning on giving it a big old testing of all sorts of situations for you, but then plans changed.

As you know if you’re one of my regular readers, there was a bit of a soot disaster in my makeshift basement workroom a a couple months back.


You can see the line where I wiped my finger through the soot on one of my yarn shelves, you can

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Clover Review and Small Giveaway

I’m in LOVE!!!

Don’t tell my husband…

OK, you can tell him, I’m pretty sure he won’t be jealous of a set of interchangeable knitting needles.

I hope…

When I attended the TNNA Summer 2015 Needlearts Trade Show last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Butler, the national sales manager for Clover Needlecraft, Inc. We talked a bit, and he asked if I would review some of their new products, including their new bamboo interchangeable Takumi knitting needles. I agreed.

Now, I love to do reviews, but they also cause me a fair amount of stress. I feel an obligation to be honest to my readers. Not only is it in my nature, but it’s the ethical way to be. When I have to review an item, I always hope it will be great. I hate having to find tactful ways of pointing out flaws. And when the item is something as big as a new set of interchangeable knitting needles? Oh, my, do I worry!!

Worrying was awfully silly. These things are AMAZING!!! I have tried several kinds of interchangeable needles in the past. I already owned a full set of one brand, and bits and pieces of a few other brands; so I have an idea of what makes them good and bad. Let’s look at the various parts, and common worries.


First, the needles themselves. They are Takumi bamboo needles, if you have tried the brand before,

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Crochet Essentials: Increases & Decreases with Tamara Kelly

I’m so excited that I get to review another Craftsy class taught by my friend Tamara Kelly of Moogly!


Crochet Essentials: Increases & Decreases is a fabulous class for anyone looking to learn more about…wait for it…increases and decreases. 😉

Actually, it is a wonderful class, and is useful to more than just beginners. Of course, if you are a beginner and want to understand various increases and decreases that you may run into in patterns, this is your class! It is also great for

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WAK Crochet Kit Review and Giveaway

Hello there my friends! I have a fun company to introduce to you, along with a product review and a giveaway!

We Are Knitters is an international online knitting and fashion brand based out of Madrid, Spain with a strong online and offline presence throughout Europe. We Are Knitters’ product offerings includes a wide range of DIY knitting and crochet kits, which contain everything you need to knit or crochet your own unique garment or other item, including the yarn balls, wooden needles, pattern, sewing needle, and a We Are Knitters tag to sew into the finished product.

One thing I love about the site is the customer photos. As I was looking through the kits, it was so helpful to see the pictures of finished items for each kit made by actual customers. It’s one thing to sell a kit, it’s another to sell a kit that actually works! The customer pictures show that the kits work, and that is something I find rather useful to know, don’t you? 😉

When I was asked to review a crochet kit, I took a look through the available kits. I always have a pile of hooks, needles, notes, yarn balls, and various what~nots sitting on the couch next to me. The Chess Basket kit seemed to be the solution to that problem. I looked at the available colors and found an olive green that would look lovely on my couch!


The kit arrived very quickly for being shipped from abroad! It was so fun to

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Quick & Easy Crochet Cowls

Tamara Kelly ~ the awesome designer behind Moogly ~ is now also a Craftsy instructor! Her first Craftsy class is Quick & Easy Crochet Cowls, sponsored by Lion Brand.


I enrolled for the class right away, and watched it last weekend. The class includes instruction and patterns for the 3 awesome cowls seen pictured throughout this post. The first is Amazing 45 Minute Cowl made with just one skein of Lion Brand Amazing yarn. This cowl is super quick and easy, and I love that Tamara takes the time to give lots of useful tips and tricks, both the kind that a new crocheter will love to learn, and the kind that can make a seasoned crocheter say “why didn’t I know that already!?”

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