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Lovely Pillow – Furry and bright and oh-so-cuddle-worthy!

This lovely pillow is so cuddly and fluffy and furry and soft and awesome! Knit it for yourself, or knit it for a loved one to share the love. Each side is a different color, so you can make it for Valentine’s Day, or you can change up the colors to make it your own. The Red Heart Hygge Fur yarn is awesome and doesn’t shed like many fur yarns.

Lovely Pillow knit pattern by Jessie At Home
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Amir the Elephant – he’s cute and cuddly!

Amir the Elephant is part of the 2019 CAL Central Softie CAL. He’s somewhere between a softie and a pillow. Amir loves hugs and cuddles. He’s super soft and sports a beautiful blanket designed and made by my daughter, Vada. Vada also came up with the idea to make an elephant for the Softie CAL. Amir would make a great gift! I have included details on making the blanket with a Cricut, along with how to make a fabric inner lining if you are concerned about stuffing poking through.

Amir the Elephant free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home
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Mellow Yellow Rug


“and they called it Mellow Yellow”, well so do I, & here’s the free pattern for one of my favorite rugs, so you can be mellow yellow too. 
Mellow Yellow Rug free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home

Mellow Yellow Rug
Crochet Pattern
Intermediate Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot

Many years ago I was in need of a rug at the foot of my sink, so I crocheted one. I love that rug! I’ve been meaning to write the pattern down, and now I finally have. It brightens up the kitchen, adds some padding in front of the sink and absorbs the water that gets splashed when the kids decide to help. I hope you enjoy your Mellow Yellow Rug as much as I’ve enjoyed mine.

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