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Middle School beginnings and more to come – Selfie Sunday

Middle school beginnings can be so rough, but I am super happy to say the twins are handling it like champs! They have great friends and great attitudes. We’ve had some bumps that are typical at their age, but we are working through them. Every night ends with “I love you”, and every morning starts with “good morning.” So I call that a win.

Middle School Beginnings - Selfie Sunday

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Back to School Crochet

A round up of 7 free back to school related  crochet patterns

Can you believe school will be starting soon?! Where does the summer go? I’ve put together a collection of patterns for teacher gifts and back to school items. There should be just enough summer left to complete a few of these patterns.

Back to School free crochet pattern round up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links of each pattern.

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Cricut fun for school days!

With the beginning of the school year comes lots of crafts. The most recent school craft was personalizing composition books. Both girls came home with the same assignment, so downstairs we all went to the Cricut!

We looked through the Cricut Design Space and started looking through the myriad of images available with our Cricut Access subscription. Every time the girls saw one they liked, we put it in our tray and chose a color for it.


Once we had looked through all the images (this took a while), we made a cut list and started cutting. The girls loved pushing the buttons!

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Teacher Gifts – It’s back to school time, are you ready?

Oh, my, it almost time for school to start, are you ready? I’m not! At least you can check one thing off your list with this free crochet pattern round up: teacher gifts! I’ve found some fun and quick little gifts you can make for your child’s new teacher and put them all together for you here. Happy school days!

Teacher Gifts - free crochet pattern round up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links of each pattern.

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Too Cool for School Round Up

The kiddos are back in school and suddenly we realize we weren’t as prepared as we thought we were! They “need” a pencil case that’s cooler. They want to give the new teacher a gift. The other kids have all these fun things that they don’t have!!

OK, sometimes they have to deal with a little disappointment in life, but sometimes we can up the cool factor with a few fun creations. So, here are some patterns that will allow the kiddos to bring the cool to school!

Too Cool for School Round Up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links of each pattern. Enjoy!

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Wednesday Round Up ~ Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gift Crochet Pattern Round Up from Jessie At Home

The school year is drawing to a close! My girls just have 3 weeks left. With summer vacation on the way, here is a round up of crochet patterns that make great end of the year teacher gifts for your awesome teachers!!

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