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Wrapping Up 2016

Hello my Blogland friends! I hope you had a lovely Holiday season and your New Year is starting out well. I have some pictures of our holidays to share with you.

A little bit before Christmas we made some candy to give away. We made some Christmas shapes, and we also made a few of these:

Star Wars Pops - Christmas 2016

We got a package from Italy from Dad’s friend, Camillo. It was full of cookies from Bar Re!

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Philly ComiCon or Go Go Power Rangers!

After leaving the Yarn and Wine Tasting last week, we decided to take a little adventure. Doug had discovered that half way home we would be passing the Philly ComiCon, and the original Pink Ranger would be signing autographs! The girls LOVE the Power Rangers, and Kyla dressed as the Pink Ranger – her favorite – for Halloween this year. So you can imagine that it was pretty much decided immediately that we would stop at the ComiCon on the way home for an autograph and photo op!

Doug stealthily packed

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Stitch ‘N’ Pitch

Hello there! A few weekends ago I attended the 2015 Stitch ‘N’ Pitch at a NY Mets game. The Stitch ‘N’ Pitch is an event that happens at various pro baseball games around the country in association with TNNA (The National Needlearts Association). The Stitch ‘N’ Pitch that I attended was also sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn. They gave all the attendees a goodie bag with some yarn so that everyone could make some afghan squares for Warm Up America, a wonderful organization that makes and collects hand made blankets for those in need.

It was tons of fun! I went with Amy of Stitchin’ Mommy. We met there, as she lives in Queens, and I live in NJ. I miss living in Queens, it was so much easier to go play in Manhattan, and to go to fun events without having to drive and park.

Anyway, I drove to the game. The bus from here only runs every 2 hours on the weekend, and would require a transfer to the subway as well. By the time all the tickets are purchased, it is pretty much the same cost as tolls and parking, so I decided I would rather drive. Public transit is not as affordable or convenient coming from NJ. I got in at noon for a 1:10 game, and I still ended up parking pretty far away. I snapped a photo of where I was parked so I would be able to find Thor again after the game.


Once I got to the gate, I met up with Amy and we went in. As we arrived, we stumbled upon

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Memorial Day and other Family Fun

It’s been some time since I have shared family photos with you all! So here are some fun snaps and a bit about what we have all been up to over the last month or so


Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!) was on a Monday, so Doug and the girls celebrated on Sunday with lots of Star Wars toys. It was adorable.

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