Crochet Stitch Patterns

Written, photo, and/or video tutorials for crochet stitch patterns, which are combinations of various crochet stitches and techniques used to make a decorative crochet fabric.

Nettie’s Super Simple Stitch in Rows Video Tutorial

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The Nettie’s Super Simple series of patterns all use the same st, sometimes worked in the round, and sometimes worked in rows. This stitch is, as advertised, super simple! It is a stitch pattern that has been used probably since the first hook met hand. This video will show you how to make this stitch pattern in rows, so even a brand new crocheter can create these patterns!! If you are just learning to crochet, and need to know how to make your starting slip knot, a chain stitch, and a slip stitch (which are all the stitches you need), then check out the Learn To Crochet section here.

Stitchopedia - Nettie's Super Simple Stitch in Rows from Jessie At Home
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