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Faerie Wings Tutorial

Faerie Wings free crochet tutorial by Jessie At Home

All righty friends, this is just a loose tutorial, not really a pattern. You kind of have to “wing it” ~ hee hee!

You will need:
2 wire coat hangers of equal size and shape
masking tape
5 yards plastic boning (some stores only sell this covered in white or black fabric)
about a foot of craft wire, 20 gauge or thicker
Sample was made with Bernat Softee Baby yarn in Garden Ombre

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Limp Bound Journal

This Saturday I will be teaching a class on Medieval Limp Binding. There are many wonderful tutorials online, some with all the history and sources for all the supplies. Here I will simply post a bit about how to actually do the binding. Please note that I am not using the proper supplies for this journal to be true to period, or even archival. The purpose of this free tutorial is simply to learn the steps of how to do the binding. I will be using this as my class handout, so it will make more sense to those who are in the class or who just need a reminder. If there is not enough explanation here for you, you may want to find a more in depth tutorial.


I start with the pages. As you can see, my pages are 5 3/4″ by 3 3/4″.

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Counting Bean Bags


I just finished the latest Craft Hope project. Teaching aid bean bags. I chose to make the number set ~ with the help of my Cricut, I actually have the original that only cuts 6×12, but I didn’t see any links to that one. I don’t think they make them anymore.

So here is a tutorial. No worries if you don’t have a Cricut, I’ll tell you what to do for that, also. As with all my tutorials, feel free to share the link. I just ask that if you share, you do share the link to this post, not take the credit yourself. Thank you.

To start, tear some 6″ strips from your outer fabric. You can see my strips aren’t very long. That’s because I was using scrap fabric. If your strips are 45″ or longer, that’s just fine! You’ll need the equivalent of two 6″ squares per bean bag. Then give your strips a press and pull off any hanging threads.

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Louise guessed it!

The subject of my last two posts, that is. This is only the fourth basket I have made, all of them have been similar to this one, but this is the first that actually ended up the shape I intended. The others have round or rectangular bottoms, and oval tops.

*~* I have listed this under my tutorials, but it is really not a step-by-step for beginners type of tutorial. It is more of a visual aid and reminders for someone who has the base knowledge and is just looking for a bit of a nudge along. *~*


The boxes were full of reeds and other basketry supplies. All from a wonderful shop in Pennsylvania.

After a bit of a soak in the tub, I transferred some of the reed to a bin in the living room, next to my towel-covered coffee table. Not really sure why I tossed the handle in there, it doesn’t get shaped. There isn’t always a good reason for many of the things I do…

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