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Yarn Dyeing with Indigo – This is so cool!

Yarn dyeing with indigo was way cooler than I imagined. It started out green! Really, green, I’m not kidding. I never knew indigo had an oxidation process, and it was really neat to watch. Plus, I had a blast coming up with ways to “tie” the yarn with rubber bands to get all sorts of cool designs.

This is our third installation of Adventures in Yarn Dying with Jessie At Home. There are two more still this year, so the fun will continue!

Yarn Dyeing with Indigo -Learn with Jessie At Home - Pin 1

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Slip Knot

Stitchopedia Video & Photo Tutorial

The slip knot is the first skill you need to start knitting or crocheting. It also comes in handy in plenty of other areas.

Slip Knot Video and Photo Tutorial Stitchopedia by Jessie At Home - Social

With this tutorial you will learn to make a slip knot in no time at all. I’ve made a short video to show how to make a slip knot, and I’ve also written out instructions and included photos to help. If you want to learn to make a slip knot using a crochet hook, you can find a tutorial for that HERE.

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Wet Felt Join

The wet felt join is a great join for a feltable yarn – such as most animal fibers. It’s best used when joining the same color, as when joining a new skein of the same color, or when there is a knot in your yarn that needs to be removed. The wet felt join is my favorite join to use in these situations, as it has very little effect on the final look of the project, and is highly unlikely to come undone. Plus, no ends to weave it!

Stitchopedia Wet Felt Join tutorial from Jessie At Home

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Stitchopedia ~Shortcut Tassels

Stitchopedia ~ Shortcut Tassels from Jessie At Home

Add something extra to your knit or crochet with these tassels. I have a shortcut that allows you to attach the tassel as you make it, and leaves you with no ends to weave into your knit or crochet item. I have written the instructions and I also made a video to show how to make the tassels. For this tutorial, I used Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. Enjoy!

This video will show you how to make the tassels from start to finish!

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Yarn Organization: Yarn Swatch Cards

Here is a great way to see exactly what yarn you have, without having to look through it all! You can organize these little swatch cards on office/book rings. There are many great ways to use them. Use them to decide which yarn to use on your next project, spread them out on a table and arrange colors, or bring them with you if you are meeting a customer to decide on yarn and color.

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Beaded Flower Centers

Do you want to dress up your hand crafted flowers for an applique, pin, or other accessory? Here is a video tutorial to show you one way to do just that!

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