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18 Comments on Free Crochet Patterns

    • Go to the link for whichever pattern you like by clicking on the image of the pattern. At the end of each of my patterns there is a link to take you to a printer friendly version.

  1. Jessie,

    I just wanted to let you know that I seen a photo of your I Love Color afghan …somewhere. Of course, at that point I didn’t even know the name of the project. *sigh* For a good week I searched high and low to, once again, find that darn picture with the intention of looking for the pattern. Finally, on one of the major crochet sites there it was in all its beautiful color(s). I downloaded the pattern and began to cry in frustration. You see I don’t read pattern instructions very will. I’m more of a hands on kinda gal. When I realized you had accompanying videos for each motiff I was as happy as Scooby after earning a Scooby snack. I love the way that you follow the written pattern word for word to help those deficient, like me.

    Anyway.. so I am in the very early stages of working on this and I am hopeful to have it done in time for a holiday gift

    I am also going to give you Skylark wrap a shot. It’s beautiful!!

    Was wondering, do you have any patterns (and accompanying videos) for a long crochet skirt? Something casual?

    Thank you again for sharing your wonderful ideas and talented work.

    • Lesie,

      I am so very happy that the videos are helpful for you!! I know people learn in different ways, which is why I made the videos.

      I do not have any skirts with videos. I have a few skirts in my paid patterns, but the videos that go with them only show the more difficult parts, not the entire pattern. It is on my list to make some skirts with videos, but that may be quite far off.

  2. I absolutely love your skylark shawl. I’m not sure when I’ll make it, but it’s definitely on the short Thank you so much for making the pattern available for free. 🙂


  3. thank you for the free patterns .i m a beginner but u make things so clear. jut had a new grand child so she will be the prettiest test model there is thank you

  4. Hi. I found your beautiful Phoebe Asymmetrical Poncho pattern on All Free Crochet. I cannot find any where whether I would be able to sell the finished product. Right now I am strictly word of mouth but would provide a link to your site if you grant permission and I decided to sell online. Could you please provide that information to me. Thank you in advance for your attention and for sharing your lovely patterns with everyone.

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