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Puffed-Pastry-free-knit-pattern-by-Jessie-At-Home Lace-with-a-Twist-free-knit-pattern-by-Jessie-At-Home Dueling-Stripes-free-knit-pattern-by-Jessie-At-Home-side Braided-Cable-Bracelet-by-Jessie-At-Home-Free-Knit-Pattern


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  1. I love your patterns! Thank you. My niece in law sent me your information for dragon wing cowl. I had shown her a felted dragon scarf my best friend gave me and it reminded her of the scarf”.it took me a while because I’m not good with computers but I got to your site. Thank ou

  2. Knitting the Matrix Hat and at row 29 and unsure on how to do P2tog… not getting 64 stitches, getting 51. How is P2 tog, K3 done?

    • You purl 2 stitches together (just put your needle through 2 sts instead of 1 and purl as normal) then you knit the next 3 sts.

  3. Thank you so much for all the lovely patterns. I am working on the Prince Wrap at the moment. It is so easy to work it while half watching the horse racing and world cup football.

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