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My morning. Could use work.

So I am giving this another shot. I need something to motivate me. I am hoping this will help. It makes me feel accountable to all my (imaginary) readers!

I had a slow start this morning. I did a very quick pick up of things that needed to be out of the reach of little hands. Later, this just amused me.


I don’t think that is really where the remotes and the pot holder go.

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IVF and my experience

I’ve been meaning to write about my IVF experience for quite some time now, both for myself and for others who may want to know because they are or will be going through it. Please remember I am not a doctor, and I may be remembering things wrong or may have misunderstood some things that were explained to me. I will do my best to keep the medical “facts” correct, but I may just be wrong in some cases. OK, disclaimer done.
When my husband and I decided we may have a fertility problem I started asking around about fertility doctors and doing my research. We were so blessed! One of the best in the country, maybe even the world, was just 20 minutes away from us. People were flying in from other counties and we just had a short drive over. Even better – she took our insurance!

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My crazy shopping trip

So I had an interesting grocery shopping trip this morning. I had my 19 month old twins in one of those 2 baby carts. The kind that is a regular shopping cart with an addition on the handle end that is like a plastic tower with seats on either side. The seats are cut out of the corner with a 5 point harness strap seat belt. The babies face away from you and their outer arms and legs are free to swing, not like in one of those cars with the doors that close. Anyway, I was in the 3rd checkout lane, which was shared with the 2nd and divided by a metal rail with legs every 4 feet or so.

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Shutterfly – WooHoo

So I was one of the lucky moms from who got to make an 8×8 photobook on Shutterfly and have it printed and shipped for free. I love it! I did it a while back, but then my computer crashed, so I’m just getting to writing about it. No that is not TMI (too much info) as Shutterfly saved me when my computer crashed. See, I’m not so good at backing up or printing my photos, but because I uploaded a bunch of pictures to Shutterfly to make my photobook, all those pictures were safe! I’ll get back to that in a minute, but first, the photobook.

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Super Bowl Party!

So Doug and I had a Super Bowl Party today; in New Jersey; with Doug’s Jersey Friends. I knew I would be the only Patriots fan. Luckily in our mass of hand-me-down clothing for the girls I found a Patriots onesie. So after bath time this afternoon I dressed Vada in it.


I got a little curious when Doug took Kyla into the bedroom after her bath and closed the door.

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