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Pieces of my day

I love Wednesdays. Every other(ish) Wednesday morning is started by going to visit my friend, Jenn. Her girls are 3 1/2 and 4 1/2, wonderful playmates for my 2 year old girls. The four girls play in the playroom, and Jenn and I sit in the living room, chatting and crafting. Most of the time knitting or crocheting. When we don’t go to Jenn’s we tend to have PJs day at home. The middle of our day goes as most. In the girls eat dinner by themselves, we play a bit, read, and off to bed they go. Now on Wednesday evenings Doug does not get home until after midnight. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, but I love my me time, also. So once the girls go to bed I make myself a dinner without the restrictions of what Doug will (or won’t) eat. I just love my Wednesdays!

This was a Jenn day! Today Jenn worked on her Christmas-y colored dishcloths, while I worked on my flower/hex blankets. It was a very nice morning chatting and yarning,

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Yummy Baked Goodness!

I try to keep a stock of homemade mixes, so when I want to make something, it is quick and easy. Last week I ran out of both my waffle mix, and my banana bread/muffin mix. So into the kitchen I went. I hung my label from the cabinet handle. You may think the format of the label is a bit odd, but it is made to wrap around a jar. I tend to give my mixes as gifts.


I measured everything into my trusty food processor and gave it a quick zip. I found this is the best way to get it well mixed. Before you zip it up, take a moment, look at the pretty layers.

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A good day with another GREAT find!

Today was a nice day. I’m getting over my cold, and for the first time in a while I woke up without feeling like a zombie. After showering, I felt the need for a yummy breakfast. So…


Yes, that is my precious morning coffee, and that lumpy batter is just waiting to become…

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My projects.

I found the perfect yarn and made the perfect hexagon for my Fort Blanket project. Look at these pretty colors! After browsing around looking for patterns I saw a beautiful six petal flower that I knew would become the hexagon I was searching for. I took my hook in hand and experimented a bit. The finished hex was better than I had dreamed.


This is just a sneak peak of the hexes,

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Lookie what I found!!!

We had a nice long weekend. Doug was off today – no school. I took advantage of him being home and went out Saturday.
I was on a mission.

I had finally admitted that I do not play my keyboard often enough to justify it taking up valuable real estate in the bedroom. So it was gently packed up and put in the big ol’ closet in the girls’ room. Now I just needed to find some sort of storage/bookshelf/whatever to put in the keyboard’s old home. That way my sewing and craft supplies could finally make it out of the girls’ closet and into my bedroom.

Off to Target I went. They had some great, affordable bookshelves, but not affordable enough to buy them without further searching. Downhearted, I set off on my way home. Moments after pulling out of parking lot I came upon a garage sale, and saw this:

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Fort blanket!!!

So I had an idea the other day! The girls (26 month old twins) and I were sitting on the couch under an Afghan my Nana made. We were having a great time, but the fort was a bit small. So I thought I would like to make two granny square type blankets and stitch them together. That way we will have a BIG fort blanket, but as the girls get bigger I can separate the blankets and they can each have one. I don’t want squares, though. I’m thinking 6 sides (Hexagons).

I do know how to make hexagons, so now I just need to buy some fun yarn and come up with some pretty patterns. I want to do patterns with two or three colors, or non-open stitches. I don’t want tons  of holes other then the center and the corners. That being said, I do like this one, even with the holes.

So yesterday I tested out a hexagon I already knew how to make.


I wasn’t too keen on it. I think I will start off with the pattern I linked. I’ll test more after I buy the yarn on Monday.

The whole time I was crocheting, the twins were saying “hat, hat, hat?”. So this morning I transformed the hex into this:

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My morning. Could use work.

So I am giving this another shot. I need something to motivate me. I am hoping this will help. It makes me feel accountable to all my (imaginary) readers!

I had a slow start this morning. I did a very quick pick up of things that needed to be out of the reach of little hands. Later, this just amused me.


I don’t think that is really where the remotes and the pot holder go.

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