With as little as 2 yards of fabric yarn, you can make this sweet little flower. It can be used to accessorize another yarnie project, it can be put on a pin back, a magnet, a hair band or clip, and a variety of other items to make all sorts of pretty little creations. This tutorial includes written instructions with many process photos, and a video.

Fabric Yarn Flower Crochet Tutorial by Jessie At Home
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Fabric Yarn Flower
Free Crochet Pattern
Easy Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot

at least 2 yards of fabric yarn such as:
Sullivans Yorganza
Red Heart Sassy

Hook size is not so important, it does not affect the finished item. Just use a hook that is big enough that the yarn doesn’t slip off, and small enough to go through the holes. Something around 5mm works great for me.

yarn needle
sharp scissors

Video Pattern:

Written Pattern:

Insert the hook in 4th hole of the yarn, and in each of next 4 holes, pull last loop through the rest, * insert hook in next 4 holes, pull last loop through the rest, repeat from * 8 more times, cut yarn, leaving a 5″ tail, pull the tail through the loop on the hook. Thread the end of the tail through a yarn needle and weave it through the loops of every other st back to the first st. Tie ends together to form a flower.

Here are some photos to show that step by step

Insert the hook in the fourth hole of the fabric yarn.
Insert the hook in each of the next 4 holes (5 loops on hook).
Pull the last loop through the rest.
Insert hook in each of the next 4 holes (5 loops on hook).
Pull the last loop through the rest.
Repeat the last 2 pictures 8 more times. Clip the yarn leaving 3 unworked holes.
Wrap the yarn tail around the hook and pull it through the loop on the hook.
The piece is now fastened off.
Thread one of the tails through a yarn needle.
Weave the yarn needle through the closest chain to the tail on your needle.
Continue weaving back and forth through every other chain.
Keep going…
Once you have gone through the last chain, pull the tail tight to gather the flower.
Tie the two ends together and your flower is done!
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