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Red Heart by Jessie Rayot

My list of patterns will constantly be growing. I design and write both knit and crochet patterns, both sale and free patterns. Most of my patterns include many of the following:

*clear, detailed instructions

*process photos to help illustrate the instructions

*photos of several different finished objects in different sizes

*links to video tutorials for stitches and techniques

*line drawings to help with color planning (usually in sale patterns only)

*sale patterns have been tested by several other stitchers for clarity and editing, as have many of my free patterns.

Please remember all my patterns are my original creations. If you want to share a free pattern, please share the link, not a print out, so others come here to JessieAtHome to find the pattern. If you want to share a sale pattern, share the link to my Ravelry or Etsy store so others can purchase the pattern for themselves.