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Sometimes you want a different edge on your garter stitch piece. This tutorial will show you how to make a nice chain edging on your garter stitch. It is super simple. I have written out the instructions, included process photos, and even a video.

Here is a video to show the simple technique.

Written instructions with photos

To make the chain edging on your garter stitch, you just change the very first stitch of every row.

Instead of knitting the first stitch, hold the yarn in front of your work, and slip the first stitch purl wise. Move the yarn to the back and knit the remaining stitches. See? Super simple!


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10 Comments on Chain edging for garter stitch

  1. Wonderful!!! You are the best!!! All your videos and instructions are super easy to understan!! Keep doing this!! Thankyou sooo much!! Regards!!!!

    • Thank you! It makes me so happy to hear (read) that these are useful and easy to understand. That’s always my goal. 🙂

  2. My friend has made this into a scarf and made it have the braid on both sides. Is this in your pattern also or has she made a new modification? I would like to know so she can publish this modification. Thank you.

    • The chain stitch edging happens on both sides if you do it as I explain in the tutorial. However, this is not a pattern, it is just a technique that has been around for who-knows how long. So I can not claim ownership of it. If she writes a pattern and uses it and wants to say this is where she learned it and link back to this post, that would be quite kind of her, but its not something that she is required to do.

      • Sorry my post went on to the wrong space. I am talking about the Dropped and Found stitch wrap. She made it so the braid is on both sides or the wrap.

        • The braid is on both sides of the wrap in my pattern. – or do you mean front and back, not left and right? If she did front and back it is just a variation. She can tell people she used my pattern and just alternated the side she put the braid on for each braid, but she can not rewrite my same pattern and just change the sides of some of the braids.

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