Learn to make a half double crochet with this video, written instructions, and photos. You will learn how to make the half double crochet, how to turn to start a new row, and how to make a half double crochet into the previous row. This is a great resource for crochet beginners! To learn the starting chain, see this post. To learn how to work into the starting chain, see this post.

In the samples seen in this video and post, I used Red Heart With Love yarn.

Written instructions with photos

ch ~ chain
hdc ~ half double crochet
st(s) ~ stitch(es)
yo ~ yarn over

To make a hdc:
Yo, insert hook into st, yo, pull through the st only (3 loops on hook), yo, pull through all 3 loops. Half double crochet made.

Here are a series of photos showing how to make the hdc:

Wrap the yarn over the hook. (yo)
Insert hook into the stitch.
Wrap the yarn around the hook. (yo)
Pull through just the stitch. (3 loops left on the hook)
Wrap the yarn around the hook again.
Pull through all the loops. Half double crochet made.

Here is a sample of a hdc chart as well:


The chart shows the following pattern:

Row 1: Ch 11, hdc in third ch from hook and each remaining ch across. (9 hdc)
Row 2: Turn, ch 2 (counts as the first hdc), hdc in the next st and each st across. (10 hdc)
Repeat row 2

*note, because the ch 2 at the beginning of row 2 counts as the first hdc, the final row count of row 2 is 10 hdc, not 9.


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