It’s Tangi tutorial time! Have you found Tangi yet? It’s Google’s new short form video platform geared to use creative types. How cool is that? I know that my video tutorials tend to get long because I give you all the info I think may help, so on Tangi I share the just-get-to-it versions of my tutorials. I even learned how to make stop-motion videos for Tangi!

Tangi Tutorial Time - you have to see this - Jessie At Home - Pin 1

This post is sponsored by Tangi. All opinions are my own.

You can find Google’s announcement about the original Tangi experiment HERE. You can find Tangi HERE.

In addition to various tutorials, you can also find time-lapse videos of artists creating many awesome arts and crafts. I get lost in Tangi tutorials and other videos so often. Just today I watched a little tutorial on cake popsicles and had to order the molds so the kids and I can make some.

Tangi is where creative people can get new ideas and connect with other passionate people like them. The name is inspired by the words TeAch aNd GIve and “tangible”—things you can make.

You can find my videos on Tangi HERE, but first I’m going to share a few of them in this post. Recently I made a Pom Pom tutorial here on Jessie At Home, and I made a quick video with just a music background for audio. Yes, I made sure to find music I could post legally and gave proper credit. If you are going to post on Tangi, be sure any music you use is done so legally.

I also have some origami Tangi tutorials, and after a few I learned how to make stop-motion videos for my origami posts. It’s so cool!!

I do have some videos with me speaking as well. Some of the quicker skills work well that way, and saying the directions along with the video really helps with basic skills such as knit or crochet stitches.

So there you have it my crafty fam, a short form video platform just for us! At around a minute each, think of all the things you can learn in the next hour. Go forth and learn!!

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Tangi Tutorial Time - You\'ve got to see this!Tangi Tutorial Time - You\'ve got to see this!Tangi Tutorial Time - You\'ve got to see this!

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