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Virtual Cooking Lessons – Live From Around the World

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Virtual cooking lessons are a fun way to learn new recipes and skills with your friends and family no matter the distance!

Live Virtual Cooking Lessons From Around the World - Local Bites Review by Jessie At Home - Social

The class reviewed was provided by Local Bites. All opinions are my own.

What is Local Bites?

Local Bites allows you to take cooking classes on Zoom, which opens so many options! Some classes are priced by household, and some by students. Either way, you figure out your whole group and then sign up for a class together. Then at the appointed time, you all Zoom with your teacher and even if you’re all over the world, you’re still together. How cool is that!?

Live Virtual Cooking Lessons From Around the World - Local Bites Review by Jessie At Home - Pin 3

Local Bites offered me a free class in exchange for a review and I knew the kiddos and I could not say no! We looked through the virtual cooking lessons on Local Bites and found one on making Panna Cotta, taught by a lady in Florence. That seemed perfect for us!

Kyla and Vada with Aprons

Let’s Get Cooking!

So the kiddos and I donned our aprons and gathered our supplies in anticipation of our awesome class. Of course, Murphy’s Law being what it is, our wifi decided the kitchen was just a little too much to deal with that day. We had only said “hi” when it stopped working. So I grabbed my phone and a stand and called in that way. Sandi was patiently waiting for us. I was so relieved she waited, it was incredibly considerate of her.

Sandi Teaching

Sandi was super! Her ingredient and supply list had been very complete, and her instructions were clear. She made sure we ALL understood ever step. The kiddos were never left out and they really enjoyed the time together.

Jessie At The Stove
Vada Stirring
Kyla Stirring

Our virtual cooking lesson from Sandi was great. She made sure we understood how to cool and serve our Panna Cotta. Sandi gave us lots of tips and made sure we left confident and happy.

In the Works

That evening we had super yummy Panna Cotta with chocolate sauce. I also attempted a strawberry sauce on my own that was just strawberries and sugar cooked and mushed, then strained. The whole thing was awesome! I even had some frozen blueberries to toss on top. I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

Live Virtual Cooking Lessons From Around the World - Local Bites Review by Jessie At Home - Pin 2

Later that week I decided to give it another go. I had a set of 3 little ramekins and figured they would work well to both mold and serve the Panna Cotta. Once again I added the toppings – or as many of them as each family member wanted. Everyone loved it.

Second Try
Second Try with Toppings

Final Thoughts

I would highly recommend Local Bites, and the Panna Cotta class. The virtual cooking lessons are easy to take and are priced really nicely. I can certainly see myself taking more. I may have to organize a virtual party!

Live Virtual Cooking Lessons From Around the World - Local Bites Review by Jessie At Home - Pin 1

Happy cooking my crafty friends!

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