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Single Crochet (SC) (including front or back loop only)

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Learn to make the single crochet, and how to place it in the front loop only or the back loop only. There are 2 videos, one with just the basic single crochet, and the second which shows turning your rows, and working in the front loop or back loop only. There are written instructions with photos, and a practice piece at the end so you can improve your skills. There are also a few patterns linked at the end to put the single crochet to use!

This video will show you the basics of making a single crochet.

Single crochet is abbreviated as “sc.”

sc ~ single crochet
st ~ stitch
yo ~ yarn over

Sc ~ insert hook into next st, yo and pull through st, (2 loops on hook), yo and pull through both loops.

Here are some photo stills to show the making of the sc. The sample shown is made with Red Heart With Love yarn and a 6.00mm hook.

insert hook into stitch
yarn over
pull through the stitch
yarn over
pull through both loops

Here is another video showing how to turn your rows, how to work in the front loop only (flo or scfl), and how to work in the back loop only (blo or scbl).

Now how about a practice piece? This picture shows both sides of the practice piece. This sample is also made with Red Heart With Love yarn and a 6.00mm hook.


Row 1: Ch 21, turn, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining ch. (20 sc)

Row 2~6: Ch 1, turn, sc in each sc across. (20 sc)

switch color

Row 7~12: Ch 1, turn, sc in blo of each sc across. (20 sc)

switch color

Row 13~18: Ch 1, turn, sc in flo of each sc across. (20 sc)

switch color

Row 19, 21, 23: Ch 1, turn, sc in blo of each sc across. (20 sc)

Row 20, 22, 24: Ch 1, turn, sc in flo of each sc across. (20 sc)

And here is a chart to show that:


Ready to create more? Here are some patterns:

Pride-bracelet-free-crochet-pattern by Jessie-At-Home
Slip Stitch Rainbow Bracelet ~ or make it in your school colors!
Fingerless Gloves
These fingerless gloves also included increases and decreases.
This great chevron car seat cover uses blo, and can easily be made larger and without a seatbelt hole to make a large blanket!
single crochet baby blanket
This super simple single crochet baby blanket is a great beginner project!


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