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Slightly overhead image of an open laptop with a typed document on the screen, pulled out from behind the laptop and to the right and at a slight angle is a second screen that's plugged into the laptop. On the second screen is a website. Also on the table is a mouse, a pad of paper and pencil.

How To Stop Bouncing From Tab to Tab: Be More Efficient and Become Unstoppable

Inside: Learn how to add a second monitor to a laptop, including what and where to buy, optional accessories, and even a third screen option.

Have you ever felt like your cursor was a ping pong ball? You keep bouncing between 2 or 3 tabs to get one task done and you’re starting to get dizzy.

The problem is, you are entering information on one tab, and getting all the info from another, so you have to keep bouncing back and fourth.

Or do you?

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A white vertical rectangle with purple boarder. On the top third is text "Embroidery Kits", "for beginners and beyond", and "Jessie At Home." The bottom two thirds is a photo of a coral shipping padded envelope on top of a wood table. On top of that is an open thing white box with yellow tissue paper lining opened up. On top of all of that are various pieces of fabric, embroidery floss, pins and needles, an embroidery hoop, a picture hanger, and instructions; all from the box.

I Love These Embroidery Kits for Beginners and Beyond

These embroidery kits for beginners and beyond will help you get back into crafting and fall in love with hand embroidery. Embroidery always calms me and the finished projects make great gifts. MCreativeJ has a wide variety of kits for all skill levels. I enjoyed relaxing and creating with the Plants + Shapes DIY Applique Embroidery Kit. Now I have a beautiful piece of art to keep or give.

The kit for this post was provided by MCreativeJ. All opinions are my own.

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