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How To Stop Bouncing From Tab to Tab: Be More Efficient and Become Unstoppable

Inside: Learn how to add a second monitor to a laptop, including what and where to buy, optional accessories, and even a third screen option.

Have you ever felt like your cursor was a ping pong ball? You keep bouncing between 2 or 3 tabs to get one task done and you’re starting to get dizzy.

The problem is, you are entering information on one tab, and getting all the info from another, so you have to keep bouncing back and fourth.

Or do you?

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Krista’s Coasters

As Elise’s friend from undergrad, I never met her little sister, Krista. I have, however, heard of Krista’s beautiful light and love for crochet. I have written these two simple crochet coaster patterns to help pass on Krista’s joy to all who keep her in their memories, and to all who only have heard of the amazing person she was.

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Sublimate a Yarn Blank: A Nifty Little Known Way To Dye Yarn

I’ve been wanting to try to sublimate a yarn blank for years. I finally did with this NEW sublimation paint and the results are epic! First I made my own yarn blank; some of you may call it a sock blank. Next, I painted a giant rainbow, which was super fun. Then there was the magic of sublimation, and finally some yarn winding. Now I have the most awesome rainbow polka dot yarn!

Some products in this tutorial were provided by Artesprix. All opinions are my own.

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Crochet Slip Stitch To Join – How to Sl St

This crochet slip stitch to join written and video tutorial will have you crocheting in rounds and surface crocheting in no time. With this easy to follow, step by step tutorial, you’ll master the slip stitch and increase your skills. Slip stitches are great for joining crochet in the round, moving over a few stitches and making top stitches or surface crochet. In addition to easy to follow written instructions with photos, there is also a right handed and left handed video tutorial.

Supplies for this tutorial were provided by WeCrochet and Furls Fiberarts. All opinions are my own.

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How To Crochet Along Edge Tutorial

Wondering how to crochet along edge when the edge is the side of the rows. Or how about how to crochet evenly around a crocheted item, or even a knit one? You’re not alone. So many patterns include instructions to make a certain number of stitches “evenly in edge of work”, or something similar. Most of the time the number of rows you have to work into and the number of stitches you have to work do not go together easily. This free written and video tutorial will make borders and edges simple.

Supplies for this tutorial were provided by WeCrochet and Furls Fiberarts. All opinions are my own.

A green "L" shaped piece of crochet with a yellow border then a blue border on an orange vertical rectangular background. On the top right is text "easy start to crochet borders & edges with videos." Text at the bottom reads "Jessie At Home dot com."

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I Love These Embroidery Kits for Beginners and Beyond

These embroidery kits for beginners and beyond will help you get back into crafting and fall in love with hand embroidery. Embroidery always calms me and the finished projects make great gifts. MCreativeJ has a wide variety of kits for all skill levels. I enjoyed relaxing and creating with the Plants + Shapes DIY Applique Embroidery Kit. Now I have a beautiful piece of art to keep or give.

The kit for this post was provided by MCreativeJ. All opinions are my own.

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How To Crochet Chain Stitch – Learn To Crochet

The crochet chain stitch is the first stitch most crocheters learn. You make a slip knot, then you make a crochet chain long enough to wrap a city block! In this Stitchopedia crochet tutorial you’ll learn how to hold your yarn and hook, how to make a slip knot, and how to crochet a chain stitch. You’ll also learn about the anatomy of the chain.

The yarn for this tutorial was provided by WeCrochet. All opinions are my own.
This post was originally published on 5/28/2014, and was last updated on 3/19/2022.

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