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Oz Fluxx Family Game- It’s back and we love it!

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Oz Fluxx has been re-released! Here At Home we couldn’t be happier. We’re fans of the books, so this game is so us!

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The game reviewed in this post was provided by Looney Labs. All opinions are my own.

I read L. Frank Baum‘s books the first time as a child. I’ve since read them several more times, including to my children. I could go on about my love of these books, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is that Oz Fluxx is a great family game. It’s even more awesome if you’ve read The Wizard Of Oz.

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Oz Fluxx is played in the same general manner as all Fluxx games. First everyone gets 3 cards. The game starts with the basic rules of draw one then play one, but everything can change from there. There are Keepers (good cards that help you reach goals) and Creepers (cards that often keep you from reaching goals), along with all sorts of Goals, New Rules, and Actions. There are even a few Surprise cards. I’ll let those be a . . . surprise. 😉

Oz Fluxx

One thing I love about all the Fluxx games I’ve played is that the Basic Rule card has a white back instead of black. This way it’s easy to find as it’s the only card that needs to be placed on the table at the start of the game. It’s little things like this that can really make a difference.

Easy to find Rule Card

Kyla’s middle name is Dorothy. So she was super excited when she actually got the Dorothy Keeper. There was a little seated happy dance.

Kyla got Dorothy

Doug managed to get every single Creeper the first time we played. The kids and I thought it was hilarious! He knew there had to be a card somewhere that could save him, and we all kept hoping we’d get it so he’d have to keep all the Creepers.

Doug has all the Creepers

Somehow he managed to get rid of them (there’s a card for everything). Then he got a card that he knew could inflict chaos, which is his favorite thing to do when playing Fluxx. He managed to hold onto it until the draw pile just ran out. Then he played it for maximum chaos.


Oz Fluxx is a hit here At Home. We’ve already played it several times. As with all Fluxx games, it will be easy to travel with once we can all travel again. We’re loving becoming Looney experts!

Oz Fluxx - family game night fun - Jessie At Home - Pin 3

Happy gaming my friends!

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Oz Fluxx Family Game- It’s back and we love it!Oz Fluxx Family Game- It’s back and we love it!Oz Fluxx Family Game- It’s back and we love it!

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