Welcome to the Jesse At Home Stitchopedia!

The Stitchopedia is just what it sounds like, it is an encyclopedia of knit and crochet stitches, motifs, and embellishments. Most entries include a video, written instructions, photographs, and a chart or graph.

The Stitchopedia is organized into various categories. The categories are all listed and linked below, or you can also find them in the drop-down menu that you see when you hover over the word “Stitchopedia” in the menu at the top of this blog. When you click on a category, it will take you to a visual index of all of the entries in that category. Click on the item you would like to see and off you will go to that entry!

This Stitchopedia will constantly grow, and I want it to be as useful to you, my followers, as possible. So… If there is something you would like to see added into the Stitchopedia, please let me know over on my Facebook page. I will do my best to help.


Stitchopedia Crochet Cover

Stitchopedia Crochet Getting Started Stitchopedia Crochet Stitches Stitchopedia Crochet Techniques
Stitchopedia Crochet Stitch Patterns Stitchopedia Crochet Motifs Stitchopedia Crochet Extras

400 Stitchopedia Knit

Stitchopedia Knit Getting Started Stitchopedia Knit Stitches Stitchopedia Knit Techniques
Stitchopedia Knit Stitch Patterns 450 Stitchopedia Knit Motifs Stitchopedia Knit Extras

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  1. Hello Jessie,
    I love casting on with the Chinese Waitress cast on, but have not found yet the bind off to match it. Do you know how to do this cast on? I have searched for the bind off, but the only thing I have found has been the modified bind off and it really does not look the same. Help!

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