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Bouncy, Jumpy, Crazy fun!

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I’ve been getting so much done! It is nice to be more streamlined. Yet there is still so much to do.

A lot of what I have done over the past week has been behind the scenes stuff. I still have to go through a lot of my old posts from before I made the move over to Wordpress, add in the tech stuff, back up the photos, and fix some links. It’s mind~numbing~ly dull, but it should help get more people to see and enjoy this growing little blog of mine.

I have some tutorials to share with you as well. At least one crochet and one “other” craft. I also have a sale crochet pattern to release in the next few days!

While I am getting all that in order, you can wait with some fun kiddie snaps.


The other day the girls put on a puppet show.


It started off so sweet. The monster and the knight were so nice to each other. They loved to hug.


Then for some unknown reason, the knight stole the monster and ran away with it!


Eventually the monster got away and hid under the giant girl.


In the end, the knight and the monster overcame their differences, and became friends again.


Speaking of friends, on Wednesday evening we walked over to our neighbor’s house. Kyla and Elaina had to show off their matching band aids. It’s tough being a kindergartner.


So tough in fact, that helmets were needed for playing in the sand. Yes, that is sand, not dirt. It is where the pool was last summer, hence the sand.


This afternoon, we went to a birthday party for one of the other Daisies. It was at a bounce house. We seem to go to a lot of bounce houses lately. This one had a hurricane tube. The kids stand in this little booth, and the parents put in $2.00 and laugh at the kids withstanding 60 seconds of crazy wind, going up to 78 mph. It’s totally worth the two bucks!


As you can see, Kyla’s hair did not recover from the hurricane very well.


The girls had fun being cheesy while waiting to go in to the food part of the party.


After the party, we invited Elaina and Bobby over to play. There were costumes and music.


If you can call clappy hands music…


Eventually we had our own little living room band! It was kind of awesome. This photo is SO going in their senior year book! (though I really need to clean the living room)


It was quite the day. More then this little dragon could handle. Maybe I will get to sleep in…


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  1. May 18th blog … too cute for words! I love those girls and can’t wait to see all of you this summer. Peace, Love & Hugs – Aunt Jeannie


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