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Teaching kids to knit with Brittany short needles

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Brittany Needles now has 6.5″ long knitting needles that are great for small projects such as swatches and scarves. The use I really love for them is teaching kids to knit, they are just the right size for little hands and arms!

Learning to knit with Brittany short needles from Jessie At HomePin

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Brittany Short NeedlesPin

When I received these needles I just knew they would be perfect for teaching my girls to knit, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Vada knitting with Brittany short needlesPin

I got the girls started by casting on for them. I’ll teach them to cast on later, for now I just wanted to get them knitting so they could get into the rhythm. The needles fit so well in their hands, and the length was just right; long enough to make a scarf, but not so long that they were banging into the girls’ arms.

Kyla knitting with Brittany short needlesPin

They really caught on well. I showed them each a couple stitches, then sat with them and guided them through the next few stitches. By the end of the first row, they had it down. What was really impressive is that they were able to go back later and pick up their work without having to ask for a reminder on what to do. I did teach them to always finish a row before putting their work down.

Learning to knit with Brittany short needlesPin

As you can see, Kyla is more into knitting then Vada, her piece is growing faster. Actually, when it was time to make dinner I asked Kyla if she wanted to help me, and she said, “just a minute, let me finish my row.” It was so cute, just like a little me.

If you want to learn more about Brittany Needles and Hooks (such as how they are made in the USA) you can read my review, HERE. You can find Brittany Needles online on Amazon, HERE. You can also find a listing of more places to get your Brittany Needles and Hooks on their website, HERE.

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