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There are many ways to use flowers in crochet. They can be at the center of a motif, they can be the motif itself, they can be used as an accessory, or they can be part of the color pattern, just to name a few. One thing is certain, they add a little extra flair to everything. Here are 7 free crochet patterns that feature flowers.

Flowers free crochet pattern round up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links of each pattern.

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Flower Loom Flowers Video Tutorial

Stitchopedia Flower Loom Flowers tutorial from Jessie At Home

I recently found myself in possession of a Boye Flower Loom. I’d never used one before, but I’ve always been fond of the pretty little flowers they create, so I thought I’d give it a go. You know what? It was really easy and the results were spectacular! I have a few ideas of what to do with some of these lovely flowers already!!

The loom came with instructions on how to use it, but I know some of you are more visual learners, so I thought I would make a video tutorial for you. I actually have 2, one that shows how to make the flower in a single color, without cutting the yarn between the flower and the center, and one that shows how to make the flower in two colors (flower and center). I hope these help you create beautiful flowers for all your upcoming floral needs!!

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Flowers Flowers Everywhere!!

There are flowers everywhere around my house and they make me so happy! I also love crochet flowers as decorations, so I put together a collection of free crochet patterns for you to decorate your projects. I hope the flowers make you as happy as they make me.

Flowers free crochet pattern round up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links of each pattern.

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Kreinik Carry Along Threads Review & Round Up

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I love Kreinik carry along threads. I have used them in many of my patterns, and plan on continuing to do so. The yardage on the cones is always plenty, the metallics are sparkly, the glow-in-the-darks glow bright and for a long time, the reflective really reflects well, they are all wonderful! And the color choices – SO MANY!!! They really bring your project up a notch. So, in honor of my love for these awesome carry along threads, I have put together a round up of patterns that use them, including several of mine and 2 knit patterns!
Kreinik is one of our awesome sponsors for Yarn and Wine 2016, so if you attend, you will get to play with some of these awesome carry alongs as well!!Kreinik Carry Along Thread pattern round up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links of each pattern.

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Crochet Cables Pattern Round Up

Sometimes I get on kicks with my crochet, and currently I’m on a cable kick. I just love the texture and fun designs they create. There are several ways to make crochet cables, the most common of which is post stitch cables. Once you get the idea of how to make them down, they’re actually pretty easy! If you need a little help, here is a tutorial on crochet post stitch cables.

Now here is a collection of crochet patterns that feature cables which I have put together for you. Enjoy!!

Crochet Cables Collage

Here are the names and links of each pattern, along with a little something that each designer has to say about them.

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