DIY felt ornaments make me feel nostalgic and loved! I have quite a few from my childhood and I love each and every one. They are fun to make, fun to give, and fun to get. DIY felt ornament kits provide a way to make these treasures with all the bits you need, and cute designs to boot!

DIY Felt Ornament Kits review from Jessie At Home

The kit reviewed in this post was provided by Design Works. All opinions are my own.

DIY Felt Ornament Kits review from Jessie At Home = Pattern

One feature I love about this snowman diy felt ornament kit is that the patterns are printed on paper. All the felt is provided so you can cut out the designs, and then you can toss the patterns into an envelope and make more with more felt. You could use the patterns for other crafts as well.

DIY Felt Ornament Kits review from Jessie At Home - Parts

In addition to the pattern and felt, everything else you need is provided. You will need your own scissors. Also, if you would like to make the diy felt ornaments more dimensional, you can add some stuffing. All the ornaments have the white background doubled, so adding stuffing is easy.

DIY Felt Ornament Kits review from Jessie At Home - In the Works

The kits are easy to put together and full of festive details and sparkle. These diy ornament kits would be fun to make with your kiddos, or even as a holiday get together. Plus, they are awesome gifts because they are hand made with love.

DIY Felt Ornament Kits review from Jessie At Home - Three Done

Pick up this diy felt ornament kit from Amazon, HERE. You can also pick up some other diy felt decoration kits from Design Works at the links below. Enjoy!


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