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Faerie Wings Tutorial

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All righty friends, this is just a loose tutorial, not really a pattern. You kind of have to “wing it” ~ hee hee!

You will need:
2 wire coat hangers of equal size and shape
masking tape
5 yards plastic boning (some stores only sell this covered in white or black fabric)
about a foot of craft wire, 20 gauge or thicker
Sample was made with Bernat Softee Baby yarn in Garden Ombre

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Start by hooking the two hangers together in the shape of wings.


Bend the hooks around the hangers to hold them in place. Mine wouldn’t bend quite enough so I ended up having to snip off the last inch.


Use masking tape to keep the hangers from slipping ~ the tape is not what will hold the finished wings together it is just there to keep everything together as you work.


Now snip the straight edge of the hangers in the middle. Bend the two halves that will be the top of the wings until they are almost in line with the hanger side ~ about 10~15 degrees off straight. Then bend the two bottom halves just a bit less then the top ~ about 45 degrees off straight. Or just bend them how you like for your wings. You can change the bends later.


We will now be making the two sets of wings, one side at a time ~ there is a top and bottom wing on each side. Cut the boning into two equal pieces. If it is covered in fabric, slide the fabric off. Tape one end of a piece of boning the outside of one of the hangers just above the neck of the hanger. Run the boning up the hanger (the top wing) taping as needed. Make sure to tape the boning around the cut end of the hanger so it does not catch on anything. With the other end of the same piece of boning, attach it the same way onto the other half of the same hanger (the bottom wing,) being careful not to twist the boning. The middle portion of the boning will make a large arc from the two cut ends of the hanger, making one big wing. Now grab that bit just below the middle of it, and fold it into the neck of the hanger, making the one big wing into two. Adjust as you see fit, then tape it into place. Tape the top and bottom wing together for a few inches. Repeat on the other side. The wings will not be the exact shape you want for your finished product, but don’t worry; that will come after the wrapping.


Now it’s time to wrap the wing. Grab some movies and a drink, this will take a while. Wrap as much yarn as you feel comfortable with around a shuttle. You could also use one of those embroidery thread cards. Tie the yarn around the wings at the neck of one of the hangers to get started.


Wrap the yarn around the wing, and pull the yarn through the loop, this will create a little locking stitch. Keep doing this until you have wrapped the entire piece. You will have to refill your shuttle quite a few times. You can just knot the ends together, and then use a yarn needle to run the ends inside the wrapping when you are done.


You may want to reinforce the areas where the top and bottom wings connect for extra stability.


Now it’s time to shape the points of the wings. The points of each of the 4 wings will be where the hanger ends.


On the two bottom wings pinch the points together, so the cut end of the hanger is at the point. Stitch the points together for 1/2 to 1″. Do this by sewing through the ridge of your wrapping, and then wrapping around the joined edge for extra stability.


Cut wire to about 6~8″, bend it into a teardrop shape, and twist bottom 1/2~3/4″ together.


Thread your needle with as long a strand of yarn as you feel comfortable using. Pinch and sew the top wing points as you did for the bottom wings, only catch the twisted section of your teardrop as you work.


Next sew down through the teardrop and back up through the point a few times. This will secure the teardrop to the top of the wing.


Now wrap the teardrops as you did the wings, using the thread on your needle. You are *finally* done wrapping! Don’t worry if the wings are a bit lopsided, you can adjust them as you see fit later.


Now to make them stay on your faerie’s back! I cut two large leaves from some green furry fleece. Place them under the wings, with the points aiming slightly down. Slit the top leaf in line with the center (neck parts) of the wings. Pull the top leaf up over the center sections of the wings.


Use a steel hook with a point on the end to crochet the slit back together.


You will have to forgive the lack of photos from this point. Halloween was quickly approaching and I became desperate to finish! At this point, using the same crochet hook, single crochet around the leaves. Add a second row of single crochet, making two single crochets one space as needed when working around the turns. Add on four straps, one on each point of the leaves to wrap around the high waist, and one at the each of the two points where the top wings come out of the leaves, to wrap over the shoulders.


As you can see, I added a large flat flower to the center back, it just seemed to need something. You can bend the wings as you see fit.


I hope this is understandable enough for you to make your own fun faerie wings. Enjoy!!

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