Good evening everyone. We had a very creative and fun couple of days over here At Home.


The girls stashed an A.C. Moore bag in Doug’s office, and occasionally they run in there to grab something out of it. A few days ago Vada pulled out this Valentine’s Day monster. It always makes me smile when they randomly decide its craft time and just start getting creative.


Of course Kyle loves to express her creativity with fashion! This sparkly little pirate number is what she wore to school on Friday. Not the patch. She added that when she got home; at which point she stomped around the living room shouting “Arrrgg!” My dainty little Princess.


And here we have Kyle is blue period. Okay maybe it’s more turquoise. That’s sparkly thing on her hand is even a turquoise ring. She was very excited about her color coordination on Saturday.


Look! Yarn! Lots of yarn! Pretty yarn! I love my UPS guy!


Okay time for a little break from the pictures of the kids to share some yarnie stuff with you.

Well one more kid~kind~of~thing. Whenever I go downstairs to my little work room in the basement this is what I see on the side of the stairs. Every once in a while the girls bring me some other new items tape up there. Isn’t it sweet?


OK, yarn, really.

In the next week or two, I plan on putting up a little tips post on how to keep track of all of your yarn stash. I never realized I did anything out~of~the~ordinary, until someone in one of my Facebook groups asked how to keep track of all of her yarn, and I shared this picture. It’s the same way I kept track of my fabric as a costume designer. So I always thought it was normal. Anyway, I’ll share the fun little system with you later.


Right, this, really I do love this. I do! Don’t ask me how many times I’ve frogged it, I refused to answer. But I still love it! And I will finish it! Really! No seriously, I really will. Before the summer. Because I really want to wear it. And I am curious what it is going to turn into…


The jeans~to~skirt project seems to also have been put to the side for a while. I have a few contract items I need to finish up this week. But I will get to this and the fan shawl soon. Oh, that reminds me, I have something else fun to share with you. I’ll save that for another post. Aren’t I a stinker?


This. You are going to love this. There will be some videos. There will be a few free tutorials. And there will be one paid pattern. And you’re going to love them all! Hopefully the free tutorials will start in the next few days, though with all the snow days it’s sometimes hard to make a video. My children aren’t the quietest creatures in the world.


Back to the kiddies. Sunday was not only Super Bowl Sunday, but it was also Groundhog Day. The girls were super excited about the little furry guy. There were puppet shows. Lots of puppet shows.


At 5 AM on Monday morning my phone rang. It was the automated snow day a call. I, of course, turned off my alarm, crawled back into bed, and fell blissfully back to sleep. Doug was not so lucky. For some reason he can’t seem to get on the automated snow day list for his school district, and the district website kept going down, so it took a while for him to find out whether or not he had a snow day. Eventually he found that he did. The girls of course did not sleep in. So when I finally came downstairs at 8am, this is what I found.


Oh, I almost forgot…I made a new Jessie At Home button. Do you like it? I do!! Now I just need to use it for various avatars, and in some ads. That’s the Faded Ripple, Liz Hat, Fanny Skirt, and Rachel Skirt.


Back to the snow day. Doug and the girls had some good, snowy, fun. I don’t do cold. I stayed in with my yarn and the heat. Just after this snap, Doug opened the door and asked if I could bring him a handful of pennies. Why, you ask?


Meet Alice.


And Brrr. I love the silly names Kyla comes up with. Did I ever tell you about her goldfish she named bloopy? Oh, and yes, she is holding Brrr’s hand.


Here we have Alice, Vada, Olaf (I like warm hugs), Kyla, and Brrr.


I have no idea what is going on here, but it sure is cute.


This may be one of my favorite photos ever. I think that is a good way to leave you.


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    • Bloopy’s friend was named woopy. The were not long for this world, but they had some fun names. Vada named her goldfish Bella and Juliet.

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