Happy New Year my friends. I’ve got a few snaps from the holiday season to share with you. We’ve had about a week and a half with everyone at home, and they go back to school and work on Wednesday. It’s been a nice time.

Christmas Cookie 2017 - cleaning the bowl

We made cookies the weekend before Christmas. Chocolate chip, chocolate and peanut butter chip, and sugar cookies.

Christmas Cookies 2017 - decorating

The girls always love decorating the sugar cookies. They brought a tin of cookies to our next door neighbor on Christmas morning. They really love her, she’s an awesome lady.

Christmas Eve 2017

Here’s our Christmas Eve. You can see that Vada and I decided a puzzle was in order. We started it the morning of the day before Christmas and finished it Christmas evening. It was fun.

Christmas 2017 - Princess Diana

Santa brought Kyla a Princess Diana doll, just what she wanted!

Christmas 2017 - Hess Truck

As usual, Santa brought Vada the latest Hess Truck. she loves them.

Christmas 2017 - Imploding Kittens

Santa got me the expansion of Exploding Kittens – Imploding Kittens. We have already added it to the deck and played a few hands, it’s so much fun!

Christmas 2017 - Opening Presents

Here are the girls opening more presents.

Christmas 2017 - Kokeshi Dolls

My parents got the girls and me Kokeshi Dolls from Japan. They are really nifty.

Christmas 2017 - Vada at Nana's

In the afternoon, we went over to Doug’s mom and step-dad’s house. Vada always loves the train village under the tree.

Christmas 2017 - Evelyn

I got to spend some quality time with my niece, Evelyn.

off to the Fox's

A few days after Christmas we headed into New York to visit our friends Bob and Rose.

Robot game at the Fox's

We had a really nice day there, and the girls found a new game to play.

Christmas 2017 - Donuts

A couple days ago Vada and I broke in her new donut baking trays that she got for Christmas. Our first batch of donuts were yummy.

New Years Day 2018

Here we have the girls joining me in a New Year’s day filled with Twilight Zone episodes on the Sci-Fy channel.

I hope your holidays were wonderful and you have a lovely New Year.

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  1. Looks like your holiday was wonderful. Happy new year to you and family. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful patterns this past year. I so look forward to your emails. Thanks again your the best.

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