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Kim Guzman Round Up

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Many of you know of Kim Guzman as the Tunisian Crochet Queen. She certainly is one of the top Tunisian crochet designers out there, but did you know she has more “regular” crochet patterns then Tunisian? AND she designs knit patterns as well. Really, there aren’t many designers out there as skilled as Kim.

On top of that, Kim is a very kind and helpful individual. She is often answering questions from crocheters and designers. Kim has helped me along in my career more times than I could count. She is an amazing woman, and I am so happy to share some of her beautiful designs with you here.


Here are the names and links of each pattern, along with a little something about each one.

1) Blessed Mother Prayer Shawl ~ Although first published in 2006, this pattern is still one of my most requested. The Blessed Mother Prayer Shawl, Our Lady of Guadalupe, was my first magazine-published filet crochet pattern, picked up by then editor Brenda Stratton of Annie’s Favorite Crochet (no longer published). Because this pattern is requested so often, I was thrilled when it was finally made available online.

2) Kansas City Cowl ~ This knit accessory is designed to be worn in multiple ways. It can be worn as a capelet/small poncho, an infinity scarf or, doubled, as a cowl.

3) Pineapple Caress Wrap ~ This beautiful open wrap makes a huge statement!

4) Rosaline Kimono Tunic ~ Rosaline is made in a gorgeous all-over drop stitch ripple with so little shaping that you’ll be surprised that you’re finished! Rosaline is designed to be worn over a camisole, bathing suit or tank in warmer months. Or, it can be worn over a warmer long-sleeve top in the colder months.

5) Dueling Colors Cowl ~ Yes, this is Tunisian Crochet (with a double-ended hook). But, don’t let that intimidate you. With full video support, this project can even be done by a beginner to Tunisian.

6) Stretchy Bracelet ~ The bracelet is a bit stretchy and is meant to fit snuggly on the wrist. It will appear small. The number of rubber bands will directly relate to the size of the wrist.

7) House Ankle Sock ~ I don’t like to wear shoes around the house but when the temperature drops, I like to wear little store-bought ankle booties. I’ve always wanted to make myself a pair. This design is not intended to be for true ankle socks that you would wear in shoes. They are intended to be little “house booties” to keep your feet warm.

8) Geo Scarf ~ Self-striping yarn and Tunisian crochet join together for the perfect combination of color and texture in this Tunisian Short Row Scarf.

9) Turquoise Mandala Slouchie Beanie ~ This stunning mandala inspired beanie is sure to create a unique look that is absolutely beautiful.

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