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Kyla’s Room ~ Done!! (ish)

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Well, the Pink Princess Room is basically done!! There are a few little things to do, I will point them out as we go along with the photos. Plus we need to move her cloths and other items in. This means we need to go through the clothes and decide what is hers and what is Vada’s. I’m not sure how that is going to go. Sharpies will be in order to label everything, or else laundry will just be a big ol’ nightmare!

Are you ready?

Here we go!!


Right off the bat you can see one thing that is not done yet. The door hardware. It is proving tougher to clean than we thought. Hopefully it will be all spiffy looking by the weekend.

So this is the view of the left side of the room as you walk in the door. The white wall hangings with hooks are for necklaces.


Here is that wall again from another angle. The dresser was bought from Ingrid when InsaniTea closed, and the mirror was given to us by her business partner when they closed. I made the mirror curtain with a few kinds of fancy yarn. It’s a curtain kind of room! I made the shelves from some 3/4″ plywood that was in our garage.


Here is a close up of one of the tassels on the mirror. It was one of those fancy tie~back tassels, and I realized that it was one long piece of rope with a tassel on each end, so I bought it and untied it. Yes, there are tassels at the end of the tassels. It’s just over the top and fun!


Here is the window in the back of the room and the right side of the room. We found a roll of rug grip mesh to put under the giant cable rug at Home Depot. It works wonderfully!


The bed nook. The octie blanket that was the start of my little business boom is on her bed. Doug found that heart mirror at a garage sale.


The bed from another angle. You can see 2 pillows I have covered. The ruffle pillow I already shared with you, the other is a crochet pillow cover made with the little fans stitch. I will have that pillow cover tutorial up for you by the end of the week. There are 2 more pillows I still need to cover as well. The wardrobe is a new piece we bought at IKEA. It has a bottom shelf, a hanging pole, and a top shelf. Kyla can reach the pole, and we will use the top shelf for extra blankets/off season clothes. It was only $119.00, so I still call it a good deal! The little seat next to it is also a new item, Doug got it for sale at Target for just $12, and it does open for storage.


Here is a better shot of the wardrobe corner. Doug gave Kyla his Knight light. I’ll have to get a close up of it for you.


Another great garage sale find by Doug. Kyla loves her “K”.

According to my calculations, floor to ceiling (literally) this room reno cost us just under $1300.00. Not bad for a floor to ceiling room reno in a 114 year old house.

Kyla has been sleeping in her room for a week now. We were worried about her having a problem with being away from Vada, but she loves the room so much that she has been fine. Vada, on the other hand, is having some separation issues. She had bad dreams the first two nights. Doug gave her the “Fish of Doom” (a stuffed, fuzzy, pastel fish with a leather vest) to protect her. She has been fine since and gave Doug back the fish yesterday, all on her own.

She is currently making plans for her fairy room.


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